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Success story of a student

The WEF-Herzing University-MBA scholarship is one of the educational scholarship programs offered through the Worldwide Education Fund (WEF) of the Dallas Foundation working in collaboration with Herzing University. The objective of this partnership is to provide greater access to higher education for some of the neediest students that the WEF works within India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.
Through this program, qualified recipients of the scholarship can enroll in Herzing University’s MBA program and if accepted, can study at Herzing University’s Atlanta, Georgia or Madison, Wisconsin campuses in the United States; or complete their studies through online courses from their home country.
The scholarship covers the MBA tuition fee associated with their studies with Herzing University. Accommodations including housing, while enrolled and pursuing their degree at one of the two Herzing University campuses are covered by WEF. Other expenses will be paid through a combination of a student’s ability to provide financial support or from the donor community. This scholarship does not cover the travel costs to Herzing University’s campuses, book expenses, or monthly stipends.
 “I was born in a small village, high up in the mountains of Chitral. My instinctive feature of observing the paralyzed society resulted in a strong urge for a change; to change the living conditions of myself, my family as well as of the people living around me. To my dismay, by the time I gained a conscience, I realized that most students in my village quit studies early on due to the harsh terrain and inaccessibility of regional institutes. My ultimate goal is to materialize my vision of changing the outlook of Chitral where it will be known not meagerly as a remote tourist spot but as a modern city where everyone shares the same facilities, and enjoys an equal opportunity so that mountains, distances, and climatic conditions should no more matter for those who dream high. Until the age of 8, I did not attend school and the only reason was there was no school nearby.
“The nearest school was at a distance of an hour away on foot and there was no proper road leading to it. My father, however, left me at my Aunt’s place to study and admitted me in a school. That was the time and it is now, In order to get a good education, I have never lived with my parents except in the vacations. As a child, it was never easy for me to stay away from my parents and live at a place without any family except for my aunt and uncle. I suffered from homesickness, emotional breakdown and many at times I cried. But it didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion and excelling in academics. I had a deep interest in becoming a leader and to ornament myself with knowledge about every aspect of life. With time went, As time moved forward, this interest blossomed into a passion, a passion that gained further impetus by the motivation to change my society. Consistency in academic success is important to ensure a bright future for any student. My impeccable academic performance led me to join a private school in Islamabad on scholarship. There, I maintained my academic excellence as well extracurricular. My passion for science and technology reflected in my grades led me to join Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for my undergraduate in electrical engineering. WEF-HU MBA scholarship came as one of the best gifts in my life. I had never heard that MBA scholarships exist and when I came across this scholarship, I decided to go for it and did everything to make myself a strong candidate for this program. I still remember it clearly when I received an email with the first word saying congratulations…! That’s it! With that, I knew the next big phase in my life was about to start and which was going to bring a huge change in my life. The mixture of joy, honor, and shock rushed over me and the moment felt so surreal. This moment meant my years of hard work and perseverance was paying off.
“This encouraged and motivated me to pursue my dreams by opening up new opportunities and experiences. All seemed very smooth from there, getting the VISA, going through the immigration process, both of which are relatively tough for someone from Pakistan. I landed in the United States of America, had a warm welcome from a volunteer who was there at the airport to pick me up. Thus, in front of me, a new country with a whole different culture and lifestyle was welcoming me, offering a melting pot of cultures and never-ending opportunities. Not familiar with a lot of people in the area where I had to stay, I was a little worried about getting settled but to my surprise, I was overwhelmed with the number of volunteers who were to help me out. From getting us the basic initial home utilities to taking us out for food to giving pick and drop, the volunteers did not make me feel that I was at a totally different place with a different language and varying cultures. Thanks to them, settling in such an alien place was very smooth for me. So far, my experience in the USA has been amazing in terms of learning, new experiences, mingling with people with the fun part being there, always, which I feel is important too.”
Israr Hakim.


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