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VC members demand removal of THQ hospital’s incharge

BOONI: Members of the two village councils (VC) of Booni on Thursday held a meeting and demanded the immediate transfer of Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital’s incharge doctor.
A press release issued by the members said the decision was taken at a meeting attended by all members of Village Council-1 and Village Council-II of Booni.
“At the meeting, the members took notice of repeated misbehavior by Dr Faizul Mulk Jillani with people ie with elected representatives and notables of the area,” stated the press release.
It was also decided that a resolution would be tabled in the village councils against private clinic being run by the doctor on the premises of the THQ hospital during office hours skipping his duty and minting money by charging the patients.
It said the elected representatives on many occasions had approached the doctor not to run a private clinic on the premises of the hospital during office hours but due to his connections and influence the doctor did not heed.
As a last resort, the members said, they demanded that the doctor should be transferred from the hospital without any delay.
The VC members warned that if action was not taken on their demand a public protest would be launched against both Dr Jillani and the district health officer (DHO).
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  1. Dr. Khalil says

    Rude behaviour of any doctor admitted in Medical college on reserved seat of Chitral district not acceptable. He is bound to serve Chitralies as his beneficient.

  2. ijaz ahmad says

    it is very sad state to misbehave with people at hospital..Doctor is the healer but here it has been presented a horrible picture which is highly condemned…

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