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Woman booked for murdering husband to marry another man

BREP: A young man was murdered allegedly by his wife in connivance with her friend in Brep village located in the Mastuj police limits, locals told ChitralToday.

The deceased was buried without conducting an autopsy as his father believed it could be a natural death despite credible accounts of some witnesses who had seen marks of wounds on the body with blood oozing from his nostrils.

The father was in Islamabad for work when his son was found dead back home.

According to the witnesses, the deceased man knew the ‘illicit relations’ of his wife with the constable. They said the woman had been introducing the police constable – Syed Shahab, son of Syed Islam Shah –  as her ‘foster brother’. He often used to visit the house of the deceased, according to the neighbours of the deceased. Purdoom, the father of the deceased, said he was not ready to believe the hearsays of the people but his suspicions turned into a reality after the constable and his former daughter-in-law solemnized a court marriage in Booni on October 10.

Later, the father and relatives of the deceased approached the police and nominated the woman and the man from Zuppu in the murder case. SHO Mastuj Shafi Shifa confirmed to ChitralToday that an FIR under section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code had been registered against the couple. He said police had been sent to the residences of the suspects to arrest them.

The SHO said the district and sessions judge would be requested to order the area magistrate to exhume the body for ascertaining the cause of death by a medical team. The SHO said police had been deputed at the grave of the deceased in Brep till the exhumation of the body.

Meanwhile, ChitralToday has learnt from sources that the couple booked in the murder case is out of Chitral at the moment.

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  1. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    While so far no signs of crime are traced and none has accepted guilt then how come you put the news on air that such and such might have happened.

  2. Baber khan says

    We strongly condemn such barbaric action and both the culprit should be castigate so that next time this unfortunate incident would not occur in our peaceful area.We appeal the concern Police authorize to play pivotal role to reach the root of this brutality.

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