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Meritocracy or systematic nepotism at University of Chitral?

By Suhrab Khan

The nascent University of Chitral is in the process of selecting teaching and non-teaching staffs. Being a candidate, I have had some reservations in the selection process and here are my random thoughts.

Overall, the recruitment process seemed transparent but actually there was grossly nepotism involved. The first thing is the process of shortlisting of candidates for demonstration. Too much candidates were called for demo. The huge bulk of candidates for the demo was against the protocols of HR, therefore, a burden on university management to deal with the candidates. The call for huge number of candidates for the demo seemed a decision made just to benefit a few – who got selected in spite of their mediocre academics as well as NTS marks. The selection of such candidates is also a big question mark on the recruitment process of University of Chitral.
Secondly, the weightage to test and demo was surprising. 10% to test score while 30% weightage was given to the so called demo plus interview. It shows some kind of biasness and subjectivity in the selection process. I do not know how you can give more than 30% fate of candidates to the selection board that were easily approachable and most of the candidates know the members either they were their teachers or have their personal affiliation. This is the complete case of conflict of interest. And the timeframe which was given for the demo was also questionable. How can one deliver his/her lecture in two to three minutes; and that in the midst of questions asked by the members of the committee? This also makes it a mere cattle show in the name of demonstration.
Thirdly, there was an issue of negative marking. We still do not know why exactly one mark is deducted from the aggregate marks.
When I took up this issue with the concerned authority he said candidates who had BS (hon) or GPA system, their certain percentage of marks were deducted according to the rule of HEC. But I do not know whether there is any such rule of the HEC. If you know then let me know too. While other sources say if someone has improved his/her degree then certain numbers were deducted. If this is the case, then who can make understand the Aristotle of UoC, the purpose of improvement. If the improvement does not give leverage to the candidates, what is the advantage of that improvement? The prime objective of this deduction is to give cushion to certain candidates who were in their good book. In short, the aggregate is the figure fudged aggregate without representing the true faculty of the candidates.
Last but not the least, at the day of demo/interview some influential people were seen approaching the selection board members and exchanging compliments and even two to three candidates were also seen in the office of the project director (chairman of selection board) to meet him and when the final results were declared they were among the successful candidates. There are scores of eyewitnesses who can testify it. This shows a lack of professionalism, both on the side of candidates (and their relatives) and the selection board. Transparency, meritocracy and objectivity are very sacred terms and please do not use such words for this planted interview/ demo and figure fudged results. In a nutshell, the successful candidates were pre-selected and the whole panorama of demo plus interview was just a ‘topi drama’, wastage of time and resources of poor candidates.
I hope the top management of the university will give high priority to our grievances and doubts. It can set a precedent to ensure meritocracy and transparency in the recruitment of staffs in the University of Chitral. I ask these questions as a candidate and hope the concerned authority will satisfy me.
(The writer is a PhD scholar at the Federal Urdu University of Science, Arts and Technology, Islamabad).
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  1. Shakil Ahmad says

    Suhrab and Farooq ! seems you both have some personal grudges with Dr.Saab. Please come with solid proofs, if there are any. If you cannot write an application through RTI or bring any solid argument, it clearly shows that your whole write ups are biased. Dr. Saab always writes about rule of law and meritocracy. This is quite evident from his writeups. Please dont bring your personal grudges here. Wish you all the best.

  2. suhrab khan says

    Dear Zahid.I am ready to provide the information in a proper forum. By the way the two remaining selected candidates had less than 63 marks and every one knows it. i can provide you further information. contact me here

  3. Zahid says

    Instead of writing too many vague comments i request you to please make those name public who were selected as a result of as per you — the wrong way. You say to have no objection to the top 2, meaning thereby, 2 candidates are left. So please share name of those two, their NTS test score and academic qualification along with university and experience in teaching etc. Also their relation to PD or any other higher up. This ll make things clearer. Why pages and pages of writing without any hint? It can be easily judged whether these allegations are right or wrong, if you provide the sought information. regards.

  4. suhrab khan says

    Dear agree with u.

  5. Saifuddin Saif says

    Dear Editor,
    It is now an accepted norm that the candidates who are rejected, would raise objections on the criteria and it has been going on in Pakistan for many years BUT no one has ever raised such grave concerns about the selection criteria of any institution. My younger brother had also applied for an Office Assistant’s position there(an MSC in Economics)ds, knowing the PD well I did also approach him just the way any elder brother would do for a younger one. It wasn’t for him and he did not get selected. The one thing I asked him was, do you think people who have been appointed; are selected on merit? He said it seems 60% of the seats were given on merit the rest were decided by the PD at own will.
    I didn’t say a word because I thought the PD may have appointed all on merit which is a good start for the university. Partly it was my guilt as well as I considered myself a culprit too because I did also approach people to get my brother appointed, but this is beyond my personal guilt feeling. Now I thank God that my brother wasn’t appointed as if he would have been selected, the guilt would have remained with me forever. This is about the future of our youth. This is about the foundations of an institution which will be the base for higher education in Chitral. If its base is weak, it won’t serve the purpose. Appointing people bypassing merit would weaken it for good.
    My suggestion is that these are very serious allegations on the PD; at least he should come up with a reply and explain his version of the appointments; the criteria etc. and if he could justify it, all the blame game and accusations would stop. If the PD feels that he is not answerable to the Public then the public would appeal the higher-ups to have a departmental enquiry into the matter; even if that doesn’t work, there is always the legal option there. Any good advocate would be highly interested in such a case which involves public interest and is of extreme importance.

  6. farman ali shah says

    Mr. Suhrab, I have gone through your reservations about the recruitment process recently in UoCh. I would like to share some suggestions, which might help redress your observations & complaints..
    1. You should go to Public Relations Officer/Information Officer…of this varsity & get a recruitment policy in black & white, for different cadres posts, as in KPK, as per RTI Act, the said varsity admin is bound to provide you information regarding recruitment policy & formula.
    2. compare these policies with that of HEC, if you are having any sort of deviation in recruitment policy with that of HEC, like calling a greater number of candidates for Demo…and apportioning greater percentage to Interview etc.
    3. Then, you should challenge these policies & approach the High Court for justice & redressal of your grievances.

    1. Suhrab Khan says

      thanks dear for so nice suggestion!

  7. Akhtar Ali says

    The selection was purely on nepotism. I was too much surprised as no interview rubric was shared as on what basis we are assessed before interview. Please any one tell me about the claims of PTI justice where it is.

  8. Ahmad Azam says

    Mr. jnnaid Khan, appointment of PD was made on political ground and all other candidates for this position were bypassed and PD was elevated by political govt of PTI. In return PD also served to his mentors and selected their candidates, in between PD also selected his friends, his relatives etc. Dear students this is called Pakistan, and in Pakistan everything is possible. We can only request CM KP and Governor KP to intervene into the matter and ensure transparency in selection process. Yes another ray of hope is Vice Chancellor of the University, if an honest and efficient person is appointed VC of the university on merit he can resolve the matter up to some extent. If PD like person is appointed VC the system will further deteriorate. We can also request incumbent VC to cancel all the appointment and select new faculty and administrative officers purely on merit basis and completely shun the culture of nepotism and bribery which present PD promoted in the university.

    1. suhrab khan says

      @ Azam Sb Agree with u.

  9. M.Hakim says

    I only can say sorry and this verse of a an eminent poet.
    Ham kaferon key kafer
    Kafer khuda hamara
    Many thing do not always need merit and ability but they need only support of mentors kindness.So if someone shall read my comment he himself could know that what was the purpose to mention above piece of verse.It not only clarifies the matter as has been explained by scholars above and also what was done by UCC admin….

  10. rashida says

    I would like to add another biased selection in recent recruitment process of UoCH. for the selection of assistant warden (female), the top scorer of NTS have higher aggregate as well. the top listed candidate was also having experience of AKES, which is renowned institution in the globe. nor her experience were considered neither her academic result. if you were supposed to select according to your own desires why you have waste the precious time of candidate. Basically there were three factors to select the competent candidate. First NTS, second academic performance, experience, and third interview. this type of unfair selection itself is discouraging for the candidate. I strongly condemn the unfair and biased selection process. If any representative of the university is here, can u justify how the no 20 and 15th number candidate having no experience were selected. what were the basis please let us know

    1. suhrab khan says

      Rashida behen academics and experience do not mattter. the only and one thing that is matter is “strong safarish”!!

  11. Junaid Khan says

    ڈیر فاروق صاحب
    افسوس کی بات ہے کہ آپ قائداعظم یونیورسٹی سے پی۔ایچ۔ڈی کررہے ہیں۔اوراسلامک انٹرنیشنل میں پڑھاتے ہیں۔اور اس کے باوجود بھی چترال یونیورسٹی کے لئے کوالفائی نہیں کر سکتے۔ مجھےاسلامک انٹرنیشنل یونیورسٹی کا فکر ہو رہا ہے کہ وہان ایسے فکلٹی کو کیسے رکھے ہیں جو چترال یونیورسٹی میں میرٹ پر نہیں آسکتا۔آپ ایک امیدوار کی بات کی جو دوران انٹرویو پانی پی لی۔ کیا آپ بتا سکتے ہیں وہ میرٹ میں آپ سے کتنے آگے تھی اور کیوں تھی؟ حلانکہ آپ قائد اعظم یونیورسٹی سے پی۔ایچ۔ڈی کر رہے ہیں اور اسلامک انٹرنیشنل میں پڑھاتے ہیں۔
    چترال یونیورسٹی میں خود بھی امیدوار تھا،اور میں دوسرے یونیورسٹیز میں بھی ٹسٹ دے چکا ہوں۔ میں فخر سے کہہ سکتا ہوں کہ ان پہاڑوں کے بیچ جس شفافیت کا مظاہرہ کیا گیا وہ قابل تحسین ہے۔ اور میں اپنی ناکامی پر کسی کو بلیم نہیں کرتا۔
    مجھے آپ کے میرٹ پوزیشن کا نہیں پتا لیکن میں یقین سے کہہ سکتا ہوں کہ آپ ان سے پیچھے ہونگے جن کا سلیکشن ہوا ہے۔

    1. farooq says

      For u r kind information lolo the selected candidate got 57 in nts and s/he was at 35th number out of 73 candidate. Matlab 50% position per tha/the. Or ma top 8 ma thaa dosree candidate 17 position per the… Tom mama blame kartaa ho… Iiui or qauid I azam ma safarish nahi chaltaa isla inhoon na nachez ko muqa diya haai. Bhai jaan kia ap bata sakta ho kaaa ya interview rakna kaa kia MATLAB tha. USNA agar en candidates ko rakna he tha to tamasha rachana k kia xarorat the… Baqi rahi ap k bat or mare bat… Apka kind information k liaa maa b itna nalayaq nahi ho or mana b bohot c test dyaa hai janab jisma c qabila zekaar army education corp ka haai jisma maa through out recommended ho lakin mana joining nahi deyaa… Or b bhot Bataan haai interview ka andhaar selection board ka ineffient banda na kiaa the during interview kahta ho to abi bata do… Baqi agaaar woh apka reshtadar haai to sorry…

      1. Aysha says

        Mr. Surhab, Sitting in the federal Urdu university, how come you talk about the politics in Chitral University. Nobody is naive enough to believe you except the failed candidates who are in search of lame excuses. And Mr. Farooq, I am really feeling sad after reading your comment. Being an educated person and professional person as well, you are not supposed to hurt the decorum of the panel and to target the educated candidates there individually. If you felt something wrong with the panel at the time of the interview, you should have dared enough to speak up in front of the panel and challenge them to beat you. BUT to use harsh words like this on social media with no reason and no evidence is really disgusting. And if you claim that the selected candidates were on 35th no. on the merit before demo, kindly provide evidence and name the candidate.. Nobody is blind enough to believe your words, else than the failed candidates.
        And Mr. Suhrab, if you want to write something against the unfair practices, write it with evidence. Can you name a selected person who was at the bottom of merit or had less aggregate?? And I would like to tell all of you that there is no single educated individual who is blaming the UOch for nepotism. The only group having these arguments include the failed candidates (with a degree and uneducated mind), and those who do not know the facts and merit. And I am Pashtoon, and a failed candidate as well. But I do not blame anyone there. Because I believe that there is always room for improvement, I met many candidates there, from Chitral and they were very brilliant in every aspect. I was surprised to know that the people living in a mountainous belt are very visionary and I was impressed. BUT I am shocked to hear these things from you. I continuously visited Uoch during the recruitment process and there was transparency, my relative from Peshawar is selected there for English. But I didn’t make it. It does not mean that there was a problem with the system, NO, It was my weakness and I accept.

        1. suhrab khan says

          Mam Ayesha I respect your opinion but you are missing the points and just beating about the bush. The points i have raised in my op ed are again given in abridged points.
          1) Reason of negative marking.
          2) Reason of calling more than 55 candidates against two posts.
          3) Some influential people have met with panel members and that influential relative was suppose to appear in the demo (latter that was also selected)
          4) Weightage of test and demo/interview.
          I do not know how you can give exactly 50 % fortune of candidates to the selection board that were easily accessible and most of the candidates know the members either they were their teachers/MPhil supervisor/class fellow or have their personal affiliation. Moreover, at the day of demo/interview some influential people were seen to approach the selection board members and have exchange compliments and even two to three candidates were also seen in the office of project director (Chairman of Selection Board) to meet him and when the final results were declared, they were among the successful candidates. I ask you is it permissible for anyone (outsider) to meet the board members during demo and interview? Can you think this will happen in commission exam? Due to these reason at least I do not believe that the board members have evaluated candidates objectively.

  12. karimullah says

    This whole debate is just so unfortunate and speaks volume of our educated youth who have no idea how to behave. The article, the comments all are based on flimsy assumptions without any value and maligning university officials and other people of something without any logic. A clear case would someone saying my aggregate score was 50 I was top of merit list but I was not selected and someone with aggregate score of 30 or 45 was selected. Then you have a clear case. But people roaming in university, people were talking to each other, too many students were called for interview all this doesn’t make any sense or logic to cry foul or base your argument on.

  13. karimullah says

    As for as Economics is concerned: based on aggregate score based on NTS score and academics a meri list was drawn up according to which the now selected 4 candidates were top 4 and Mr. Farooq Above was on number 6. The top 4 candidates got the 4 vacant positions and one placed on number 6 was not selected. So where is injustice and how is this anti-meritocracy or someone using influence or unfsir means.

    1. suhrab khan says

      Dear would u like to give any reason of negative marking? why i coined the words figure fudged aggregate?

  14. Sohail says

    Agree with some points of the writer. But an “urdu vala” commentor is just trying to create hype. U can challenge here at all four levels of the selection process: 1) 1st they conducted nts test to test the ability. the 1st two selected candidates scored 75 & 80 respectively i.e the toppers & more competent than u 2) After calculation of academics both were on top with 43 & 42.2 respectively 3) The subject specialists i.e chairman economics dept peshawr university, another prof of peshawr university & chairman economics dept UoCh supervised the demo & when they displayed their results the above two were on top. 4) PD only approved their recommendation. If u had any objection in the transparency of the above process u can use legal means.

    1. suhrab khan says

      by the way i have no objection on the selection of the two toppers. my only question is why exactly one marks is deducted from the aggregate marks with out any solid reason. Due to deduction of one mark i was ranked from top 3 or 4 to top six in the aggregate level. i want to ask this from the university. this deduction is done to give favor of latter two selected candidates.Secondly, I would agree with you if the demo and interview were arranged according to the way mostly it is practiced. I do not know how you can give exactly 50 % fortune of candidates to the selection board that were easily accessible and most of the candidates know the members either they were their teachers/MPhil supervisor/class fellow or have their personal affiliation. Moreover, at the day of demo/interview some influential people were seen to approach the selection board members and have exchange compliments and even two to three candidates were also seen in the office of project director (Chairman of Selection Board) to meet him and when the final results were declared, they were among the successful candidates. I ask you is it permissible for anyone (outsider) to meet the board members during demo and interview? Can you think this will happen in commission exam? Due to these reason at least I do not believe that the board members have evaluated candidates objectively.

  15. farooq says

    Dear yasir please correct your information…I was the candidate of lecturer in Economics sorry to say…where all the selected candidate were from Chitral and it happened inside the P&D office during group interview… Brother I am right in my way, it really happened inside. If it is not then they can sue me in court… Please you dont know me even i dont know you… For correction please mentioned which post you are talking about dont create ambiguity here. Now it is u r obligation and my request…

  16. Zuhoor elahi says

    I strongly second ur commets specially the later introduced reinterview was misused in the selection process. All the panel members were completely bypassed and it was evident that the final selection was a one man show

  17. Wasi ul Islam says

    I appreciate that at least someone is courageous enough to speak up against such kind of dishonesty. This looks like just a mere show of corruption and misuse of authority as it is prevailing in many public organizations. You guys should challenge this in a court.

  18. Abdul Sami,peshawar. says

    Dear all,i agree what you said,the question here is,who will heed all these grevences the justic system is blind and totally blind in case of common,don’t waste your precious time just waiting for unpredictable practices.

  19. Ahmad Azam says

    Khisht awal chu-nihad diwar kuj, ta suraya mirawad diwar kuj. extremely tragic situation. The foundation stone of Chitral University is laid on nepotism and demerit appointment. All the appointed candidates either belong to influential families or having strong political background. The allegation by these candidates seems genuine…….but in Pakistan such complain are put into waste-bine because big crocodile are involved in the process. However the candidates are highly appreciated that at least they call the spade the spade. “Zalim Hukumran ka samna Kalma huq kahna bi bara jihad hay”. Mr. Suhrab, your courage and confidence is appreciated at least you spoke against the injustices if 30% of our society spoke against such injustices, corrupt elements will discourage and especially Chitral media must come forward against nepotism and corruption. Not in this particular university but our media, civil society, and general public must condemn all the corrupt practices in all departments like C&W, Irrigation, Education, Health, Public Health etc. How long we must remain mum on the injustices and nepotism which is completely hijacked our society. After all we have to stand up against these social crimes. Your courage and your bravery against this corrupt practice is highly appreciated. People also understand that our judicial system is also faulty and one can not get justice from judiciary therefore avoid challenging such Mal-practice in the court. All the people of Chitral is requested to raise their voice against corruption in all its form and manifestation which has made our society bankrupt. Weldon Mr. Suhrab Khan, at your courage and bravery at least exposed the reality……keep it up and raise your voice against corruption….

    1. suhrab khan says

      Ahmad sb u nailed it and thanks for such nice and encouraging words.

  20. farooq says

    I was also part of this process, I have more solid justifications to prove that the so called Meritocracy was fake and baffle. It is challenge, if university find any exaggeration in my article then top management of the mentioned University sue me in court. For Simplicity, I use Urdu language… I am also PhD student in Quaid-I-Azam University, I worked as a visiting faculty member in international Islamic University Islamabad… I also have Publication in USA’s journal “Journal of Risk finance”… to check it use “exploring the relationship between macroeconomic indicators and sovereign credit default swap in Pakistan”.
    میں بحیثیت امیدوار اس سلیکشن سے نھصرف احتلاف رکھتا بلکہ اپنے تحفظات کا بھی اظھار کرتا ھوں۔ میں اپنے ساتھ انے والے واقعے کا زکر اللہ کو حاضر جانکر پیش کرتا ھوں۔ ھوا یوں کہ جب مجھے ڈیمو کےلۓ بلایا گیا یقین جانے میں نے کوالٹی کا ڈیمو دیا جسے انھوں نے خود بھی سراہا۔ اب جب میرٹ لسٹ لگا تو بدقسمتی یا حوشقسمتی 6 نمبر پر تھا۔ لیکن میں قرآن پاک کا یہ ایت دھراتا رہا کہ لا تقنتوا من رحمتللہ۔ جب پتہ چلا کہ انٹریو میں اچھے پرفامنس سے سلیکشن ھوسکتی ہے تو مجھے یقین ہوا کہ میرا ہوجۓگا اور جب یہ بات کسی نے مجھے بتایا کہ گروپ میں انٹریو ہے ٹو میں اور خوش ہوا ییکہ کر کہ پتہ چلے کون کتنا پانی میں ہے۔ محتصریکہ انٹرویو شروع ہوا تو پی اینڈ ڈی نے 2 منٹ کےلۓ سب کو’پاکستان کے معاشی مسايل پر روشنی ڈالنے کا کہا۔ براے نام میرٹ کے پہلے نمبر کے بندے کو چانس دیا۔ جناب نےبات کی اگرچہ وزن تو نہیں تہا۔ البتہ بات کی۔ اپ دوسرے نمبر کی باری ائ تو کمال ہوا 2 جملے بول کہ سانس نے ساتھ چھوڑ دیا پی اینڈ ڈی صاحب نے پانی پیش کرنے اور باھر لیجانے کا کہا۔ پھر بڑے فخر سے متوجہ ہوا اور کہا یہ قابل ہے ہمارے ساتھ کام کرتی ہےایک اور بات کی جو حذف کرتا ہوں امیدوار کی غزت کو خاطر رکھ کر
    تیسرے کی باری ائ تو اسنے کمال کر دیا جسمیں 2 باتین قابل ذکر ہے پہلی یکہ پی اینڈ ڈی صاحب نے پوچھا کہ اپ فلان کی اولاد ہیں جب ہان کہا گیا تو کمال ہوا صاحب نے کہا اسکے ابو میرے دوست ہیں لیکن اسکے بارے میں نہیں بتایا ہاہاہا۔ اسکے بعد دیکہنے والا سین تھا وہ تو ورق پکڑ کر بولنی شروع ہوگی تو کسی دردمند ادمی نے اسے ایسا کرنے سے منع کیا۔ میں نے سمجھا یہ بھی گئ۔ اب چھوتے کی باری ائ تو ایک اور کمال ہوا اس سے 2 منٹ انگلش نہیں بولی گئ پھر وہ دردمند ادمی نےاسے چھب کروا دیا۔ بہرحال میں نے بھی اپنا موقف دیا اور انسے کئگنا اچھی تھی۔ لیکن ان 4 کا سلیکشن ہوا
    اب اپنے تحفظات بیاں کرتا ھوں
    امیدوار 2 نے کچھ بھی نہیں بولی مگرکہا گیا یہ اچھی پڑھاتی ہے وعیرہ جناب اب کی ساری باتین مانتا ہوں اگر ایسی ہی بات تھی تو یہ سب تماشا کرنے کی کیاضروت؟ اگر کیرّیر دیکھنا ہے تو میں اسلامک یونیورسٹی میں پڑھاتا ھو اور پاکستان کے ٹاپ یونیورسٹی قائد اعضم سے پی ایچ ڈی کر رھا ہوں پھر میں کیوں نہیں
    2] اپ کا امیدوار کو یہ کہنا کہ اسکے ابو۔۔۔۔کیا شو کرتا ہے اور اسکا ورق سے پڑنا
    3] اخری سیلیکٹیٹ امیدوار کا اردو میں باتھ کرنا اور اپکا منع کرنے کے باوجود سلکشن کرنا کیا شو کرتا ہے
    4] مجھے پھلے والے پر بھی تحفظات ہیں لیکن چھوڑو
    اب اپ بتاۓ یہ فۂر ہے کیا؟ اور میں ابھی بھی ان کو چیلنچ کرتا ہو کہ ازاد کمیٹی بٹھائیں پھر یہ مجھ سے اگے نکلے میں معافی کے لے تیار ہو۔ یہ میرا چیلنچ ہے۔۔۔اور بھی باتین ہیں لکین شاٹ کیا۔۔تحریر میں غلطیوں کے لے معزرت

    1. Wasi ul Islam says

      You should be brave enough to challenge this selection board in a court

    2. Yasir says

      Dear Farooq:
      You swore on Quran yet your statement is far from the truth. I, too, was a candidate but not selected. It’s normal to complain about a process when not selected. This is our habit as a Pakistani. The top ten, which you were a part too, were really the best of the best. The competition was really nail biting. You were not the ONLY PhD scholar in the room. On your post, not a single Chitrali was selected against the expectations. None of those you mentioned are selected. The top guy was from Swabi who is a PhD scholar at Islamia college university and has over 5 years of university teaching experience and has research publications in reputable journals. The other candidate is in final stages of his PhD from Islamia college university and he too has vast experience and research publication. He belongs to a very poor and low profile family and there’s not even 0.1% chance for him to use any family or any other link.
      I’m from Chitral and being refused does not bother me rather pushes me for further hard work. Instead of fake and biased outcry, better accept the harsh truth. Let’s support our university instead of defamation and make chitralis proud.

      1. suhrab khan says

        Dear Yasir sorry to say that you have limited information. The post for which Farooq sb had applied was lecturer in economics. four candidates were selected and all are from the district Chitral. Only one candidate was enrolled in PhD at Peshawar university among the selected candidates.

        1. Yasir Hayat says

          Dear Suhrab, Mr. Farooq hasn’t mentioned anything about the department. The story he told was of management sciences department. I’ll be very honest. Regarding the economics department, the top candidate who’s also the HoD of a renowned private university, was deserving. About the rest, I can’t say anything with sure. However, I do have my reservations about the daughter of a famous chitrali columnist.
          And regarding your article, I will reply to you tomorrow insha’Allah.

          1. suhrab khan says

            Dear Yasir i will be impatiently waiting for your reply.

  21. Ahmad Azam says

    Frequent complain by the candidates reflects that there is something in the bottom, but in Pakistan it is not possible for any candidate to knock at the door of judiciary, because it takes two generation period to get justice from Pakistani courts.

  22. Qasim Ali Shah says

    Serious allegations, should be inquired to find the truth.

    1. suhrab khan says


      1. suhrab khan says


  23. Sabir Khan says

    There must be an independent committee to enquire the grievances and allegations regarding the said postings and appointments at the UoCh.

  24. wasim uddin says

    having such a valid evidence as above, a candidate can knock the door of justice. my request to you is please give a time frame to the top management of university to probe the matter. in case of failure send them legal notice.A letter is not solution to this issue.

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