Reshun - a different beauty

Reshun – a different beauty

Deh ba Deh

By Mir Muhammad Khan (picture: Wikipedia)

Reshun is a beautiful sub-valley of Chitral. It has a very different aspect of beauty due to its red soil and mountains.

The village is famous for its big pasture area known as Reshun Gol. It starts from Barenis and ends at Booni Zom. The glaciers of Reshun and Booni are attached at Booni Zom.
This village has four big glaciers in the surrounding. The largest of the glaciers is Shahkuh Glacier. The other three glaciers by its size are: Lotshal Glacier which is attached at Booni Glacier, Biyu Glacier and Korgul Glacier. Korgul Glacier is a small one. Its water flows into Reshun Gol and is called Cheer Gocharogh (milk fall). The water falling from the height looks like milk.
The Shahkuh Gol is famous as people used to trek this gol for journey to Swat valley and back for charas and opium trade in the past. The Shahkuh Glacier is the most dangerous one because almost all the floods come from this glacier. The 4.2 megawatt hydro power station in the village was also famous for its long tunnel. Unfortunately, the powerhouse was destroyed by a flood in 2015.
Baba Siyar, the famous poet of the most popular heart-touching sad song Yarman Hameen, belongs to this area.

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