1. Muhammad Aslam Baig says

    there are many reasons that promote the culture of terrorism in any society in which the foremost one is the ethical development of the child from the childhood level and secondly the social and print media also promote this too we have not seen any good news by the news channel and the social media.media do not shows the positive aspects of the society where we have thousands of examples terrorism can be minimize through the ethical development of the media and the youth

  2. Chitrali baba says

    Principal sahib,I think their r multiple reasons for this grave concern .For future chitral context i would say,high rate of unemployment in the district and occupancy of old guys in the key post in chitral will definitely caught the fire

  3. Saif says

    The root cause of this issue is no vetting mechanism of teachers at the first place. The only criterion is their academic qualification (interviews carry little weightage). A person who is being appointed to give direction of thought to a young student doesn’t go through proper personality evaluation processes. This results in hiring teachers who openly propagate and publicize their personal ideas to students in their classes. Since they don’t have a background check upon how they conduct their lectures; they feel free to promote a culture of non-tolerance and anti-society ideas. These students when they progress to a higher level, they get trapped deeper in the web; all they could see is to implement their own ideology by using any means which they may feel desirable. A strict code of conduct must be followed in this regard in HEIs. The Govt. should ban those teachers and institutions which promote hatred and extreme ideas.
    One learned writer above has tried to draw a comparison between the good and the evil. It is as if Pablo Escobar-the infamous Colombian drug lord who killed thousands of people; did also built 200 houses for poor; is considered as Robin Hood. It doesn’t work like that.
    How can you draw similarities between a fighting force and that of killing innocent people in Pakistan; even if you do (highly illogical though) you should take the totality of it e.g. who financed Mujahedeen? Did Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan kill anyone? Or his contribution has made Pakistan safer than it would have been without the atomic arsenal?
    This unchecked brainwashing of the youth must be stopped.

  4. salahuddin says

    There is something terrible wrong, if even now we are not able to define terrorism after loosing more than 70,000 lives in the war against terrorism. Brilliant definition of Pakistan democracy by one of the respected writer and the concern of the ex-educationist regarding educated youths in terrorism is very genuine and is understandable, as all the elders who have born, grown and given services in Chitral can’t even imagine this new and highly negative development.

  5. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    Firstly, one should derive what the correct meaning of Terrorism is? would you call the freedom fighters of Afghanistan against NATO or Dr. Abdul Qadeer as terrorists as United States does, then yes, learned people are there among them.

  6. Shah Karez says

    The need for Government goes with the new definition of democracy, ‘government off the people, buy the people and far the people. Don’t you think such a system has been much more enjoyable and profitable for a few who have the guts to grab it. Meritocracy stands apart though.

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