5 Replies to “Kalash community faces threats”

  1. Those who are saying Kalash women dont face harrassment, I request them to take two women from their household to Kalash, dress one in normal Shalwar Kamez and the other in Kalash dress. Ask them to roam around the villages for one hour and return. You ll be amazed to see that the Muslim girl would be respected every where and her sister wearing Kalasha dress would be harrassed by every tom, dick and harry. Not only the tourists but also Chitrali visitors and the newly converted Kalash Muslims are the ones who harrass the honorable Kalasha women. Strict laws need to be implemented in order to save the Kalash from this mob harrasment.

  2. Let us not turn blind eye to the reality here. If this is not the whole truth yet this is an issue and has always been in the past three decades. I have worked in the Kalash valleys for two years (2003-2004) for a project aimed at promoting cultural ecotourism. I know their culture and the people. If you sit with the educated lot you will get to know that they fear forced conversion. Why to grim so much about it(the letter) when the situation really exist and for how long we will be denying it. Why don’t we accept the fact that they continuously face this danger of extinction. They had a population of 3000 people in 70s which has reduced to 4100 now; where did those all people go? With no family planning practiced in the valleys and keeping in mind the national birth rate and yearly population rise; don’t you think their population would have been doubled by now? Let us accept this fact that both cases exist forced and voluntary conversions. As someone who has interest in the history of civilizations, I am of the view that at times even the voluntary conversions are based upon the dominant societal compulsions. There is no harm in talking about something which exist but it is unlike Chitralis if we deny that.

  3. Every Tom and Jerry is trying to become the counsel of Kalash people. We know very well how to live in harmony with other people of different religions and sects. Therefore, please mind your city and area and try to introduce reforms in Faisalabad so that the Barelvis, Deobandis, Ahle Tasheia etc can live in harmony and stop branding each other Kafir.

  4. برادر یه بات بلکل غلط اور منگڑھت هے یه بات اگر اپ لکھنی تھی تو کم از کم کسی کیلاشی قبیلے کے بژے سے مل کر ان سے کچھ حقیقت پر مبنی معلومت بھی لیتے.یا اپنی طرف سے کوءی وصح دلاءل بھی دے دیتے که ایسا کب هوا هے .یا کم از کم اپبے علم میں تو اضافه کرکے لکتھے . مختصر یه که.أپ کی اس تحریر سے تخریب کاری کی بو أری هے

  5. Brother it is totally baseless,kalasha people r living here peacefully,I m muslim and i have been working here with kalasha people.we r living here likebrothers..We respect the people of other religion

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