Preserving KP’s intangible treasure

Men gather for makha, a game played with a long arrow (ghashay) and bow (leenda). Photo: KP Directorate of Culture website 

The Intangible Cultural Heritage inventory ranges from famous sagas of KP to lesser known heritage of the province, which are fading with the passage of time and in the light of modern ways. Now completed, the inventory has information on the famous personalities, games, festivals, cuisines and oral traditions of the province.

While talking to, the culture directorate spokesperson, Ateeq-ur-Rehman, said the material available regarding the food, personalities and games of KP can be seen by people across the globe. “We worked for more than four months to complete the data,” he said. “Games like mukha, which is similar to archery, is known in Swabi, Mardan and Buner and need to be preserved in some form for the generations to come.”

The convention following which the inventory has been formed requires the information to be update from time to time. This would keep the authorities and public in a cycle to keep the culture of KP alive.

Kabuli pulao made with rice and raisins as its main ingredients. Photo: KP Directorate of Culture website 

Inventory elements

The inventory of intangible cultural heritage includes information on games like makha, langari, mirgatii, pittugaram, chindroo, patpatone, billori, katonay, gullidanda, qoal, topey topey, kabaddi and tanga race. The festivals mentioned on the website include Chillim Josh, Shandur Polo, Navroz, Uchal, Jashn-e-Chitral, Suri Jagek and Mela Aspan.

On languages besides Pashto and Hindko, the website has mention of Saraiki, Kohwar, Kalash, Shina, Gujri, Torwali and Kohistani. Besides, the website has details of KP cuisines, oral traditions, dances, musical instruments and artifacts.–Geo News by Adil Pervez

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