Baleem, the land of intellectuals

Baleem, a legendary village in the Laspur valley, is the land of intellectuals and knowledge-loving people.

This promising soil has produced doctors (PhDs, MBBS), MPhils, army officers, engineers, chartered accountants, government officers, lecturer, advocates, highly qualified school level educationists and religious personalities.
Baleem is also known for its glorious past, as we find five important personalities in the history of Chitral like Ayaz, Muhammad Rafi, Balandi, Dudar Bakhdur and Bades, who have had honour of being chieftain (which in local parlance is called Haakim) during the era of the princely state of Chitral.
It may be necessary to mention here that Haakim Ayaz belongs to Col (R) Ikramullah Khan’s family, Haakim Muhammad Rafi and Balandi belong to Dr. Inayatullah Faizi’s family.
Baleem has been the land of great personalities right from the beginning and has maintained its pristine and enviable legacy.
Zara nam ho to yeh matti bari zarkhais hai Saqi.
Dur Wali Khan

10 Replies to “Baleem, the land of intellectuals”

  1. After going though the write up of respected writer and comments by the critiques, it seems that they are still in inferiority complex or their families have suffered in past. There is no harm in expressing the history and mentioning the known personalities of a particular area, if the writer has mentioned some hakims and other people what is wrong with it, the ultimate purpose of the writer is to let the people know that his home town has produced so many educated people, which he has explained in his later write up.

  2. From Saif
    Since when the love for your homeland or village/ region has become a crime? The respected writer just expressed his love for his own village and while doing so he talked about the strengths of his area i.e. the highly educated people. What is wrong in it brothers and sisters? We shouldn’t be judging the writer on this.
    Secondly, what is wrong in reference to past history? What I gather from all these comments is a notion that if you talk about someone whose ancestors would have been in bureaucracy both civil and military, that is fine but if they worked in the royal court, they were bad people. Where did your neutrality go? There is no doubt in the fact that all people are equal but there are leaders and there are followers, there are administrators and there are workers. If this is acceptable now why is this big fuss about being a local elder in the past?

  3. sir we would love to hear about the well educated people of the soil but hate to know the harsh reality of linking some individuals with the notorious state era of might know how humanity have been badly trampled in that hateful state era…so I ve serious objection to revive the memory of inhuman act of the princely state of chitral…so plz don’t misunderstand me…I ve all the respect for all the educated personalities of your village which is highly commedable…no doubt,it is a source of inspiration for all of us..sorry to hurt you..

  4. Nice write-up. Good to know that Baleem has only added more feathers to its crown since 1994 (the first time I heard about its achievement from my respected uncle Mukaram Shah on the way to shandoor…. I was still a school boy ). There are ways to be inspired provided you appreciate the significance.

  5. From Dur Wali
    Thank you for your discouraging comments. Relax, be patient and take it in positive way. As great minds always take thing in a positive way. I did nothing wrong with any body, just wrote a few words about my lovely village and its inhabitants’ achievements, that is my right. For me doing Ph.D, MBBS, Engineering Or getting Commission in Army is not so easy job. Discussing about elders/important personalities of my area is also not bad thing for me. It might be a problem for some one. I think to generalize such thing is unfair. Now the main purpose of my writing was to give a positive message to young generations that there is no dearth of potentials in our beautiful Chitral, but we need commitment, determination, hard work and wise planning of precious time and available resources to reach our destinations. Remoteness and lack of resources will not block our way if we are fully determined and willing to do something extraordinarily. Remember nothing is impossible to a willing heart. However, low aim is a crime but not failure. High achievers/flyers/ great minds always keep in minds three questions, what to do, when to do and how to do? and always try to find its answers. At last, I will not hesitate to say that great minds have always been the source of inspiration for successful people and I love such people but not hate.

  6. From ijaz ahmad
    In the beginning I developed curiosity to know about successful people but later it proved to be petty remarks…we hate to know about hakeems or mehtar in princely state era…this is vulgar history now….forget it and look forward with hope for the best….we all are human beings and ve the same self-respect…let us be optimistic nd think of helping others to rise in life….

  7. So what? You did not clearly mention what you wanted to say by mentioning some of the people who had earned Ph.D. degree or had got commission in Pak Army.

  8. Still limited mentalities survive.i was thinking Chitral is different from the rest of Pakistan. Chitral land is lucky to have better Democratic system and rich of education.but still people thinking about ethnicity and personal homes.

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