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I’m not a mad at all!

By Salman Ali Khan

MAMA JATT AAGAYA MAMA JATT AAGAYA se goonj uthta tha mera muhallah, aik shaks jab nikal aata tha phen ker shalwar aur safaid banyan. Baray log khob khekay laga ker hanstay thay unki batoon per aur hum bachay khof se seham jatay thay. Log PAGAL kehtay thay, Janay kya pareshani thi unko.

Aksar Mental Health Care (might as well call it pagal khana) lajaya jata tha unko. Sometimes condition was so worse that police had to take him to the Mental Health Care. Jab mulaqaat hoti thi unse masjid mein, na woh haath milatay thay na hi galay miltay thay, bus sir per haath rakh ker kuch duaen aur kabhi kabar candy de daitay thay. Kehtay thay k beta hamesha khush rehna. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, hold on mein pagal nahin hoon but society Labels people like me with mental condition as Mama Jatt.

According to Dr Ayesha Mian, the head of Psychiatric Department at the Aga Khan University Karachi, in an interview given to DawnNews there are approximately 50 milllion of my Pakistani brothers and sisters going through severe depression or mental disorder. To all of those who are going through this, just remember you’re not alone!!!

There is always someone around to listen. Get help before you wake up at a place you don’t belong. In the beginning when I was diagnosed with it, my condition was worse I was at a point where I wouldn’t talk to anyone, when I looked at someone looking at me I thought they were out to get me, I didn’t let anyone come in the house or went out anywhere myself, only I was diagnosed with the mental disorder but the whole family was affected by it. I was completely isolated. I believed that I was a Pagal thanks to my society and I had gave up on my life. Worst part I couldn’t come out of it even if I wanted to.

As time passed by, things started to get back to normal with the proper medical treatment and with the support of  my family and friends. Remember, for a mental disorder person family and friends support is as Important as medicine. Alhamdulillah Im at a very blessed stage in life now. My voice inspires many and it is heard by thousands of people as Im a  Radio Jockey at Houston’s number 1 desi hit music station. Remember!!! Your illness does not define you, Your strength and courage does and most importantly we are really special to God that’s why life is a little hard than the usual on us.

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  1. Hina says

    Cudos! Continue the spirit of perseverance and share your story with as many people as you can. This is the way forward to de-stigmatize mental health issues in Pakistan 🙂

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