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SSC position holders of Gohkir school given awards

CHERRY is a non-profit organization established by the energetic and enthusiastic youth of Chitral which is working for educational development in the remote and under served areas of Chitral, by engaging youth in various educational volunteer activities. It has started working since last year and had arranged two award ceremonies in Gohkir and Kosht seperately for Class 10th graduates in 2016. In a statement, CHERRY CEO Fazal Akbar said: “We are playing our role to spread education to each and every corner of Pakistan as to us, promoting education is the only solution to take Pakistan out of this predicament. We are working to create and provide an educated environment to the coming generation of Pakistan where each and every citizen will be contributing its positive role in constructing a civilized and developed society.”]]>

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  1. Wasim sajad says

    Indeed great work done by the newly established students’ organization, CHERRY…I appreciate you efforts and expect much more to lighten the education lacking regions like gohkir…

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