1. Saifudd Saif says

    All political difference aside; IK is someone who has always visited Chitral every year which is a positive sign that he gives importance to this district. The youth of Chitral like him and his party has a considerable following in the district BUT that is not sufficient to win votes from this region. The PTI chief should come up with some solid plans of development for Chitral as his party rules KPK. It is such a shame that subdivision Mastuj is living in dark for the past two years. There is no electricity there and people have resorted to Alternative energy sources such as Solar. What’s the use of allocating funds for a project if the progress is carried out at a snail’s pace? Did anyone from PTI local leadership took up this with IK or did he ever enquired about this from any of the KPK or local authorities? Even if he did which is unlikely; has any action been taken so far?
    If IK wants Chitral to be pro PTI then he should act differently than the other parties. He should do better than other leaders being the highly educated one of them all.


    great man we love u……………..

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