3 Replies to “Newborn baby, mother die at THQ hospital”

  1. Dear Editor,THQ Drosh is doing a remarkable job with limited resource…I have seen some tertiary level care has been delivered to critically ill patients..Most of the doctors and staff belong to Chitral and doing many extra hours as volunteer duties ,specially the staff relating to gyne obs..there could be many other factors in such out come and in many case people (moms) do,t take care while they are expectant..many things are brought to surface on regular medical check and in expectant mothers there must be four to five visits..Any how God bless the departed souls with His great blessings…

  2. Very sad news.Indeed its the responsibility of the administration to facilitate people. Necessary action should be taken ägaints the administration to avoid such events in future.

  3. Sad event. I am not sure if any THQ is equipped well to deal with any complicated case like this. Blaming the staff for negligence is not fair who do their best most of the time.

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