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Broghil, part of Yarkhun cut off as road washed away by flood

As a result, thousands of people are stranded and there are fears that the area would be facing a starvation-like situation. Residents said that the flash floods in the Unauch stream blocked the Yarkhun river, making a lake that was spreading towards the north. A portion of the Broghil road spreading over dozens of metres has been washed away by the blocked river. Member tehsil council Mastuj from Yarkhun Mir Sahib Baig and chairman village council Meragram No 2 Sher Aman told local media that over 1,000 feet of the road to upper Yarkhun and Broghil was washed away by the rising river near the Unauch village. They said despite repeated warning and demand to supply wheat to the sale points in upper Yarkhun valley the food department did not heed to the requests. They said the wheat sale points in the blocked area were short of stock and there was a starvation-like situation in the area. They said due to the blockade of the only road to the remote area the supply of other daily-use items had been stopped. The elected public representatives called upon the government to come to the rescue of the affected people. They said the residents of the cut-off area were in an urgent need of supplies of food and other items. They also demanded that the government should order the communication and works department to send machinery to the area to release the blocked river water so that the damaged road could be reconstructed to resume supply of food and other items to the stranded people. –Muhkam Uddin]]>

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    An emergency action of the Works and Services department Chitral is demanded. Delay in rehabilitation of the damaged road will surely lead to starvation in the Upper Yarkhun and Broghel valleys, already short of supplies of commodities of daily use.

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