Police accused of torturing labourer to death

ChitralToday that the constable confronted the man at a mosque in Shishi and wanted a body and luggage search on which an argument ensued between the police official and the man. The police constable took the man to the Drosh police station but on way tortured him. When the man fell unconscious, the constable left him outside the police station and went away. The poor man later died outside the police station. According to the social media, the body of the man was taken to a hospital where the police allegedly managed to get a medical report describing the cause of the death as a high sugar level. However, a doctor at the THQ hospital said the unidentified man had died of torture. A photo of the dead body circulating on the social media also shows stains of blood discharged from the nose of the victim and also lying on the pillow of a bed where it is lying. The body was later buried in the local graveyard as unidentified. It is being alleged that the police took local people into confidence to bury the body through a welfare organization in the darkness of the night. It was also alleged that the deceased was carrying a national identity card but the police concealed it to declare him as unidentified. A police source told ChitralToday that the mobile phone call data of the deceased showed that he had last talked to a man in Rahim Yar Khan. The police contacted that man who said the deceased had worked with him for 15 years and was either an Uzbek or Afghan. However, the source could not identify the deceased by his name, making it a mystery what he was doing in Chitral and for how long he had been in Drosh without even having an identity document. He said specimen collected from the body had been sent for laboratory examination and the constable, Ziaur Rehman, was detained. He said action under the law would be taken against the constable if he was found involved in the murder. However, sources said the constable was still performing duty.]]>

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  1. Unfortunate to hear such happenings occurring in the holy month of ramadan, and in the area which is famous for its peace,rule of law and soft nature of its inhabitants. we cannot justify the act of constable to take the law of the land in his hand and torture an innocent to death as his point of view was different from him. Such kind of individual acts bring bad name to the people, area and department.
    Unfortunately despite of observing ramadan regularly we are not able to develop the essence “tolerance” and criminal activities are in the raise in the holy Month.

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