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Creation of new police station makes police inaccessible to majority of Yarkhun residents

Sher Wali Khan Aseer

BANG (YARKHUN): The upgradtion of the police chowki at Yarkhun Lasht to the police station level to facilitate the residents of the remote areas of upper Yarkhun has created troubles for a number of villages in the lower part of the valley. The upgradation of the chowki was a part of the police reforms programme of the KP government to provide police service to the citizens at their doorsteps.

The step taken by the Chitral police to upgrade the chowki at Yarkhun Lasht has, however, taken scores of villages located in the lower Yarkhun valley further away from the police. Talking to ChitralToday here, former district education officer (DEO) education Sher Wali Khan Aseer, who after retirement from the government service has taken up social work in his remote area, said earlier the whole Yarkhun valley was under the jurisdiction of the police station at Mastuj.

But after the new arrangements the valley has been brought under the limits of the new Yarkhun Lasht police station. As a result, people living in Istach, the southern-most village of Yarkhun valley, Dizg, Khruzg, Merting, Pashk, Birzoz, Lashdan, Meragram No 2, Urkhan, Immit, Pardan, Bang lower and upper, Laghalabad (Chargheri), Patrangaz, Dewser, Pawur, Uchohon, Wasum, etc., which constitute about two-third population of the Yarkhun valley, would have to travel to the Lasht police station which is located at a distance of 90 kilometers northward from the Istach village.

On the other hand, the Mastuj police station is located at a distance of only 25 kilometers from Istach and is easily accessible to the residents than Yarkhun Lasht. Besides, unavailability of transport facility, Yarkhun Lasht usually remains cut-off from the lower part of the valley during winters due to heavy snowfall and avalanches. He said considering the above facts, the existing police Chowki at Miragram No 2 should be upgraded because it is situated in the middle of the densely-populated area of Yarkhun valley.

He called upon the inspector general of the KP police, the regional police officer Malakand and the district police officer Chitral to upgrade the police Chowki at Miragram No 2 to the police station level in the best interest of the public. If it is not possible at this stage, either the villages of Pawur, Dewser, Uchohon, Patrangaz, Bang, Pardan, Immit, Miragram No 2, Lashdan, Shich, Phashk, Mehrting, Khruzg, Dizg and Istach should be kept in the jurisdiction of the Mastuj police station or the location of the Yarkhun Lasht police station should be brought southward to Dubargar village to facilitate the people of villages in the lower part of the Yarkhun valley.

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  1. ijaz ahmad says

    the govt should operate helicopter service between yarkhunlasht and lower part of yarkhun,otherwise, justice would be a dream for the people..its totally inaccessible for the inhabitants of wasum,gazeen and zhopo as well..these three villages should also be included in the jurisdiction of P.S Mastuj please..

  2. Khan says

    In my opinion Zupoo is the most suitable place for PS.

  3. Shah Abdul Qadir Jillani says

    It should be in the Khotanlasht which all the nearby villages.

  4. Dr. Khalil (Jughooru) says

    Yarkhon lasht is in middle of nothing .. It was suppose to be in Patrangaz area.

  5. Sharfat says

    Meragram 2 is not possible, the same is already disputed and the public of Meragram 2 wants to relocate being densely populated village which is against privacy of the villagers

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