Ex-income tax commissioner made APML Chitral president

Sultan Wazir Khan[/caption] n Muslim League (APML) on Saturday issued a notification appointing former income tax commissioner Sultan Wazir Khan as the president of the party’s Chitral chapter. The former bureaucrat announced his decision to join the PPP on September 25, 2015, after meeting the provincial head of the party in Peshawar. Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Karachi airport, Sultan Wazir Khan said he had an ideological affiliation with the PPP and joined the party two years ago. However, after joining the PPP I found that its leadership lacks vision to serve the people as visualized by its founders. He said former President Pervez Musharraf had a vision for the progress of the country and also did lots of work for the betterment of Chitral. He said he had decided to join the APML in the best interest of the people of Chitral.]]>

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  1. Best wishes to Sultan Wazir sahib. How many seats did APML win in last election , One in the whole of Pakistan. Even if they win One seat in the coming election what purpose will it serve Chitral. MNA Iftikharuddin did remarkably well by keeping Chitrals interest in mind by opening up to Nawaz Sharif otherwise it was no easy task to keep PMLN interest focussed to Chitral . What better eye opener to see it was Bhuttos PPP that started Lowari tunnel which Pervez Musharaf made possible but it was the very same PPP under Zardari/Gillani that stopped funds for the tunnel till Nawaz Sharif came to our rescue. It’s a waste of Chitrals talent to join Pervez Musharaf APML or any of the other 200 or so registered political parties that don’t matter at all . The next government in the Center or the provinces will be formed by either PML N, PTI, PPP, Jamat I Islami, JUI or ANP so don’t waste your resources and talents on nobodies . Learn from GB and keep Chitral interest in mind.

  2. i agree with Kalim, we people in chitral still want Mehtari system, still want to be Gholam. We all know the history of Chitral since 1970. how the elites of ethnic and religious group had been purchased and bought. We all have still no awarness. i can give you one example of recent election of France. 20 years ago a five years old girl was looking after her family sheeps and goats and grazing them without shoes in her feet with a big stick like a Shepard and now she is the education Minister of France,s new cabinet and we still for sale. we always respect fuadals and fuedal mentality.where yes and no answers. we brought up in way our ancestor did.See Bhutoos, Khans, choudries,Maliks ,shahs,sharifs, they want to role and appoint their representative in different areas in pakistan. we never follow people like us who are honest, self made and well educated. Sultan Wazir is the best choice now but we will never understand. Good luck to our future and future of chitral.

  3. Mr.nasir. your comments are absolutely a wear a,sincere, I wish as a educated and respectful community of chitral realize and support Mr.S.Wazir for the better future of our next generation,otherwise, they will remain slaves of our character less and corrupt politicians..Allah Pak bless u and keep it up as a chitrali..Ameen..

  4. we need a new face in leadership. Sultan wazir being a senior bureaucrat can fight better for the right of Chitralies and can know how to snatch the wright of the citizen from the government. With a strong family background, he can run the party affairs better than the others. We are proud of you sultan wazir sab. Have a nice political journey.

  5. May be this man be true to Musharraf’s League, the ones formerly used the name of APML were so true to him that they were ready to quit his insignia the instance he would have been declared guilty.

  6. Sultan wazir know well what he is doing and he is self made and successful personality among all present leaders.Cheap ideas and comments doesn’t affect him at all.Politics is not a personal asset of any one.We need new faces who can fight for our rights and not hungry for money. WE Should prefer to die for Musharaf rather than being a follower of Zardari and N.S.thanks.

  7. Very nice and sensible writing and opinion by Qadir jilani sahib. We only say that Mr Musharrf has already been declared dead politically. People of Pakistan are waiting the coffin of the party finally. Good news that Mr Sultan Wazir sahib will lead the funeral of the party very soon.

  8. Sultan Wazir’s decision to quit PPP made me think for a while in utter disbelief whether it is true or not. Then I got it confirmed from a friend. Unbelievable Commissioner sb. PPP at least is a major opposition party in National Assembly. It is the majority party in Senate. It is in power in in Sindh. And it will definitely get up to ten seats in in next elections. It will get its share in March 2018 Senate elections. Its hold on upper house will somewhat remain intact till 2023. But Gen Musharraf has no option except shouting at Indian TV anchors from his cozy Dubai apartment. It is a writing on the wall that the pensioned general has no political future no matter what. The military will no more protect him. And if he comes back showing bravado he will have to face the cases against him. He is not in a position to hold public rallies by visiting different places. His services prominently for Chitral is a history. In his absence people tested Iftikharuddin. They voted for him but he failed to say even a single word in defence of his leader when he was in trouble due to court cases. Now the people of Chitral are clear about one thing: no man can fill the shoe of Gen Musharraf. And the hope he may come in power again is like building castles in the air. His days to show his fist in a military uniform from atop parliament house is over. The charm of his dance in shandur is nostalgia. SO with due apology to my very dear commissioner sahib, if things could have been that smooth for APML in Chitral, the prince duo – Iftikharuddin and Khalid Pervez – would have never taken Gen Musharraf that lightly. Because they want to leave their mark by winning elections like their father at least for two consecutive terms. This was the reason Prince Muhiuddin introduced Iftikhar in politics as he wanted one of his sons to carry forward his political legacy. He knew without supporting Gen Musharraf none of his sons would be able to make a political career. It was due to Gen Musharraf the prince duo have successfully made inroad in the political chessboard of the area. To cut the long the story short,to befool Chitralis under the pretext of your new born love for Gen Musharraf is like singing the following beautiful song in front of a cruel beloved who is not gonna listen to you no matter what.
    Maan mera ehsaan arre naadaan ke Maine tujhse kiya hai pyaar –
    Meri nazar ki dhoop na bharti roop To hota husn tera bekaar
    Maine tujhse kiya hai pyaar
    Maan mera ehsaan…
    Ulfat na sahi nafrat hi sahi Is ko bhi muhabbat kehte hain
    Tu laakh chhupaaye bhed magar ham Dil mein samaaye rehte hain
    Tere bhi dil mein aag uthhi hai jaag zubaan se chaahe na kar iqraar
    Maine tujhse kiya hai pyaar
    Meri nazar ki …
    Apna na bana lun tujhko agar ik roz to mera naam nahin
    Patthar ka jigar paani kar dun ye to koyi mushkil kaam nahin
    Chhod de ab ye khel tu kar le mel mere sang maan le apni haar
    Maine tujhse kiya hai pyaar
    Maan mera …

    1. APML will win all the three seats in Chitral in 2018 elections. Whoever gets the blessing of Musharraf they will be elected by people of Chitral mainly bcoz of his good work and also bcoz of lack of leadership in other parties.
      PML and PTI totally failed to do any good for Chitral since 2013 and whatever work was done like lowari tunnel they were initiated by Musharraf.
      PPP and PTI along with N league are history no at least in Chitral, take my words.

  9. we will support the APML candidate as pervaz musharaf has been the benefactor of chitral..every chitrali passing through the lawari tunnel remembers the former president with utmost reverence….

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