Chinese province keen to work in Chitral's tourism, agri sectors

The delegates are currently in Chitral at the invitation of the district government to explore the possibility of interaction between Gansu province of China and Chitral district.Led by Prof Long Ruijun of Launzhu University, the delegates told a seminar that Gansu province had become an agricultural hub producing more than 40 per cent of China`s fruits, vegetables and trout fish. Prof Long said there was striking resemblance between the geographical features and climates of Chitral and Gansu and that both the regions were semi-arid zones and, therefore, the initiative in one area could be successfully replicated in the other. He highlighted opportunities of bilateral support and cooperation in agricultural sector, including food processing and value addition, seed industry, small farming machinery, plastic film covered field, green house and family based biogas unit.The visitor said 30 years ago, Gansu was deficient in agricultural produce and therefore, became food insecure but the consistent efforts of farmers along modern scientific lines turned it into an agricultural hub providing the goods for which it earlier depended on other provinces. `We have travelled in many valleys and found that the agricultural experiences of Gansu can be easily yet successfully replicated there to become selfsufficient in food supply,` he said. Prof Long said the trout farming was flourishing in his province with its daily production running into hundreds of tons, while the fresh water of Chitral was ideal for trout farming, which could provide employ-ment to thousands of local residents. He said there was a broad prospect of cooperation between the two areas in the wake of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor project for which the two areas must start preparations by chalking out strategy, while it was pleasant to note that the district government was well aware of the situation. District nazim Maghfirat Shah said his government was committed to preparing the people of Chitral for the post-CPEC scenario and therefore, it was making all possible efforts for the purpose. `We will exploit all available resources for which linkage is being established and strengthened between Chitral and Gansu,` he said.–Published in awn on May 19, 2017.]]>

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  1. To be kept in mind that the government of Pakistan has not made a reasonable deed in this sector. Deals with China are submissive. Eastern Turkistan, occupied by China that is called Sinkiang or Xinjiang is an area that has been closely related with Chitral in the past and Chitral has once remained as a province of Kashghar also. Almost 200 Chitrali families live there. Open the gates of Kashghar for the access of common people of Chitral and we shall recognize the friendship of China. Otherwise it is totally a submissive measure to let them roam here all around and keep their doors shut upon our people.

  2. It will be a good and big step towards the development of Chitral by utilizing its resources, creating job opportunities and raising the living standard of its inhabitants.For this purpose, District Government should chalk out plans for opening centers where basic Chinese language courses can be taught for the benefit of our young generation.

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