Students highlight role of family in promotion of education

The above quote from the homepage of the UN’s website is an elaboration of the World International Family Day theme for 2017: “Families, education and well-being.” The day is celebrated annually to highlight the importance of family in one’s life and how it plays a pivotal role in strengthening societies at large. In line with the purpose and mission of the global institution, the day was observed at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh on May 15. Soon after the formalities of assembly, students of Grade 9th disseminated awareness through multimedia presentations, messages inscribed on charts, and read out important write-ups. They shed light on the significance of family in our lives. The assiduously prepared presentation mainly focused on the chain of different relationships that makes a family; forefathers, parents, children, grant children, siblings and other closed relatives. Although in a formal setting, teachers help children grow up, the family members do help children foster and groom in the environment they spend most of their time. The students emphasized this fact very comprehensively in the presentation. Thereafter, their efforts were fully appreciated and amidst resounding applauds, the students wound up the programme. Speaking on the occasion, AKHSS Kuragh Principal Ms. Sultana Bibi praised the students for their interest, hard work and contribution to the worldwide celebrations of the day. She stressed upon the students to ‘include more facts and figures’ in order to present audience with an insight into national and international perspective particularly focusing on how children who are bereft of families feel and the difficulties they face in pursuing their education. The charts displayed on the school premises attracted the attention of the onlookers that comprised the administration staff, teaching faculty, and the rest of the students.]]>

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  1. Congratulations to the Principal, faculty members and students for conducting such a brilliant awareness program. To me, only reading, writing and speaking are the tools to promote education and learning. Here you have demonstrated the real learning

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