DPO agrees to withdraw terror charges

CHITRAL: A press release issued by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Chitral on Friday said its central leader Senator Maulana Attaur Rehman reached Chitral in a PIA flight on the invitation of the local party leaders.

Soon after his arrival, the JUI central leader met DPO Akbar Ali Shah along with a delegation of the party. Those who accompanied the Maulana to the meeting included district emir of the JUI Qari Abdur Rehman Qureshi, former MPA Maulana Abdur Rehman, former MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad, district secretary information Maulana Hussain Ahmed, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir and Maulana Fateh Bari.

The delegation discussed with the DPO the April 21 Shahi Masjid incident and ways to check such occurrences in future. The withdrawal of cases, including 7-ATA, against the arrested people and alleged highhandedness of the police with all other arrested people on April 21 were also taken up.

Sources told ChitralToday that Maulana Attaur Rehman enjoyed old friendship with the DPO and on his personal intervention the police officer agreed to withdraw the terror charges against the arrested people on a priority basis to ensure their immediate release. Before his departure from Chitral, Maulana Rehman confirmed to local reporters that the ATA charges were being withdrawn by the police.

A legal expert told ChitralToday that the charges can be dropped if the police have not submitted the challan of the case to the court.

Maulana Rehman said after the unfortunate incident of blasphemy in the Chitral mosque, the whole valley remained in an uncertain situation. He said anti-Pakistan elements wanted to sabotage the peace of Chitral where people had lived in peace and harmony for centuries.

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  1. The Question is that how DPO can withdraw the charges if they are really involved in such heinous activities such as attacking police station and burning.If DPO can bend before any kind of pressure than it will become the daily practice that one man would break the law and another pressure group would save him out;then Pakistan would become Afghanistan in near future.
    PTI government’s all claims have been proved wrong:how PTI government has made Police Department independent if a DPO bends down before religious bigots????????
    On the contrary, if the DPO has charged them with wrong section then he must be brought under inquiry.

  2. کیوں صباء کی نہ ہو رفتار غلط
    گل غلط غنچہ غلط خار غلط
    وہ بھی کچھ ضد پہ اُتَر آئے ہیں
    ہم کرتے ہیں کچھ گفتار غلط
    ایک دریا ہے اپنی روانی پہ
    کاشتیان آر غلط پار غلط
    وقت اُلٹ دے نہ بساط ہستی
    چل ہم چلتے ہیں ہر بار غلط

  3. It is a wonderful step by JUI and they have shown that they are the real party and all chitrali have to realize their humble efforts.Our other politicians have done nothing in such incident.What role Sardar Hussain has performed.and we have to think.No one has any right to play with Islam and the munafiq Rashid has to be hanged without any further drama.They arrested persons are hero and real Ghazi/mujahid.GOD bless them all.

  4. Good news and timely action by JUI leaders.From current scenario the JUI came out as a law abiding and strong party having good playing strategies. JI unfortunately came out without any positive note in front of administration and public despite having district nazamat with them. PTI played no visible and mature role despite provincial govt.The Insafian’s high claim of no political interference in Police was kicked out by Mowlana Atta U r Rehman.
    We the common people still think this as a conspiracy by RAW and Afghan Intelligence agencies to disrupt the Chitral peace with the background of CPEC. We think Shahi Masjid incident as Part 1 of the conspiracy and trying to disrupt law and order as part 2 of the same conspiracy. The recent confession of such activities by Taliban leader Mr Ihsan U Ihsan is a genuine proof.Those political leaders who pressurized the Police not to investigate the Part 2 also appear,knowingly or unknowingly are part of the Part 2 conspiracy.These people have no moral value in future to call for a proper investigation.
    Their, this action will also weaken the case in court of Law.
    Now we should also tell our charged youth that Love of Holy prophet can also be expressed by following his love for humanity,caring sick humanity,old
    people and caring your nebhour, of any faith(muslim or nonmuslim). Love for Holy prophet does’t need, all the time stoning any human before proper investigation according to the Shariat of the Holy Prophet.

  5. JUI leaders once again proved to be real and practical leader while the other are engaged in foto shoots and facebook games.

  6. Good and timely action of JUI leaders appreciated. Hope the culprit of this tension will be hanged soon.

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