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CSA Karachi new cabinet members take oath

The oath-taking ceremony started with the recitation from the holy Quran. Rehmat Hussain of the association’s media cell welcomed the participants. The meeting was presided by ex-president Sajjad Ali Shah. A large number of students participated in the oath taking ceremony. Mr. Faizu was selected as the president with mutual consent of the students and he formed the cabinet on the basis of students’ interests and willingness to serve the students. Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah highlighted the previous achievements of CSA Karachi in promoting harmony among the students and resolving their issues. He said the CSA has played its role in guidance and counselling of students from different walk of life. Besides Mr. Faizu as president, Nisar Ahmed as selected as the vice president, Piyar Ali, general secretary, Sohail Ahmed joint general secretary, Rehmat Hussain information secretary, Rasheedur Rehman joint information secretary, Muhammad Saleem student adviser, Babar Khan as joint students Adviser, Miftah Uddin as Treasurer, Syed Karim Sajad as Joint Treasurer,Syed Fayaz Uddin as Event Organizer, Syed Jalil Shah as Sports Secretary, Zeeshan Ali joint sport Secretary, Sher Ali Khan as culture secretary, Bashir Khan propaganda secretary and Azhar Khan joint propaganda secretary.]]>

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  1. Sajjad Ali Shah, Sanik Bala says

    I am pleased to take this opportunity to thanks all Chitral youth especially Chitral students, our elders in Karachi through this newspaper for their support and encouragement throughout my presidentship. I enjoyed working with you all and it was tremendous experience of my life. I found the nobles/ elder of Chitral to be more supportive, cooperative, and over all good role model for us. I also found the youngsters to be energetic, always ready to take challenges, brave and hard working. God bless all who supported me directly or indirectly and those who were in competition with us. This competition really was beneficail for our youth.
    Last but not the least let me thanks the editor Chitraltoday who always published our news in his online reputed newspaper.
    Thanks to all.
    Sajjad Ali Shah
    Ex-President CSA Karachi.

  2. Rehmat Hussain says

    I feel very proud to be the secretary of information of Chitral Student Association Karachi. It is as stated, a non-political association always committed to provide services to the chitrali students out there, particularly in Karachi. I take this moment to invite all the chitrali students to join us and make it going together strongly.

  3. Rasheed ur rehman says

    This is very good step for chitral i students in Karachi nice job

  4. Fardad Ali Shah Sanik says

    Being a student in Karachi I really feel blessed to see such students association working for the benefit of students. I will suggest all the students associations to work together to promote harmony among Chitral students without any division. All the students associations need to work for the welfare of each other respecting other associations as well.
    Let me thank Mr. Sajjad and his cabinet for their untiring endeavors for Chitral students and best of luck for Mr. Faizu and his team for serving the Chitrali students. Let me point out that my services are always open for any student association any time. Best of luck for the new energetic team of CSA and being a Chitrali student I need to see the untiring efforts of CSA in bridging students relations.

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