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Five members of a family among 12 killed on road; truck driver blamed for accident

The deceased also included three members of a family from Rawalpindi. One of the passengers told ChitralToday that the accident occurred due to the fault of the driver of a truck coming from the opposition direction (from Chitral side). He said the ill-fated vehicle and another coaster following it flushed the truck driver to give way as the coasters were carrying passengers but the truck did not stop and proceeded towards the coasters downward near a bend called Asmani Mor. As a result, the two coasters had to move back for about 20 metres. When the helper of the coaster was signaling his driver to cross the truck, it slipped off the narrow road and fell into the 46-foot-deep ravine. The coaster was carrying 24 passengers when it left Rawalpindi on Saturday evening. According to the Upper Dir police, those who lost their lives  were: Zar Nabi, son of Sher Khan, a resident of Shagram Terich, and settled in Gujranwala; Mohibur Rehman, son of Sher Khan of Shagram, and three children of Zar Nabi. Beside, Sirajuddin, son of Nizmuddin,  of Osiak, Drosh; Syed Haibatullah, son of Syed Zafar Ali Shah of Gulshanabad Rawalpindi; Syed Kalimullah, son of Syed Haibatullah of Rawalpindi; Sadia, daughter of Syed Haibatullah of Rawalpindi; Amir Islam, son of Mohammad Islam, Bajaur; Mohammad Shafi, son of Ghulam Nabi of Kosht, were also among the dead. The police identified the injured as Bashiruddin, son of Azizuddin of Chiral town, Hajra Bibi, wife of Zar Nabi, Mulkhow, Hamira Bibi, wife of Taufiq of Drosh, Asifuddin, son of Halimuddin of Mulkhow, Shahid Iqbal of Chitral, Aamir, son of Mohamamd of Karachi, Naqash, son of Shamshad Masih of Faizabad Chiral, Tanwirullah, son of Nasirullah, Drosh, Nadia, daughter of Haibatullah Rawalpindi and Mohammad Usman, son of Azizul Haq of Toba Tek Singh Punjab. Four of the injured were sent to Timargarah from where they were referred to Peshawar due to their critical condition.]]>

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