Law enforcement agencies on high alert, peace prevails in Chitral

CHITRAL: There were apprehensions about any possible tension on Friday in reaction to the blasphemous remarks passed by a man in the Shahi Masjid of Chitral last Friday.

However, the day remained peaceful with no report of any tension in any part of he valley.

Khateeb of Shahi Masjid Maulana Khaliquz Zaman attended the Friday prayers for the first time after the unfortunate incident of April 21.

“Al Hamdullillah, there is peace all over and I offered Friday prayers at the Shahi Masjid and just came out of the mosque,” the khateen told ChitralToday on phone. However, eyewitnesses said the number of people at the main mosque remained quite low on Friday.

Law enforcement agencies, including the army and police, remained on a high alert and an army helicopter was seen making aerial round of the valley up to the Yarkhun valley.

In the Chitral town and other areas, police and Chitral Scouts continued patrolling throughout the day. Officials at the Torkhow and Mulkhow police stations told ChitralToday  there was also peace in the areas.–Zulfiqar Ahmad

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