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Army deployed, Chitral town under virtual curfew

Under Section 144, the assembly of three or more people at a place is not allowed. The ban will remain in force till further orders. Meanwhile, the town remained tense throughout the day after a mentally-disturbed man claimed prophethood at the Shahi Masjid of Chitral on Friday. A large number people thronged the police station demand that the man should be handed over to them for mob justice. Sources in Chitral told ChitralToday that a large number of people had been taken into custody by the security forces and shifted to different places. On the other hand, a blasphemy case was registered against the person by the Chitral police. A group of people moving to the Chitral town early on Saturday morning from Kaghuzi area was stopped at Kari village in the north of Chitral town. Chitral Scouts and police officers held talks with them and persuaded them to go back. The army personnel did not allow entry of people into the Chitral town from outside. As all bazaars and shops remained closed, the residents remained confined in their residences. A large number of tourists are also stranded in the town. Chitral Scouts commandant Col Nizamuddin Shah told the media that the situation was under control and the conspiracy to sabotage the peace of the valley would be foiled and no one would be allowed to derail the tranquility of the area. not be ChitralToday correspondents from upper Chitral reported that through the Chitral-Mastuj road was opened, traffic moving downward to the Chitral town side was being stopped at Kuragh by the police and Chitral Scouts.]]>

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