Only lady doctor of THQ hospital Booni transferred

ChitralToday, social activist of Booni, Shujauddin Lal, said the DHQ hospital already had female doctors and shifting of the only doctor from the gynae department of the THQ hospital Booni was an injustice with the people of whole upper Chitral.

Transfer and posting of doctors and other officials is the legal right of the department and a routine matter but removal of a doctor from a government hospital located in a remote and backward area without making any replacement is an injustice with the patients.
He said with the transfer of the only female doctor, the gynae department of the THQ hospital was virtually shut on women patients coming from far-off areas. He said the PTI government should take notice of the matter and post a female doctor to the gynae ward of the hospital without any further delay. He also appealed to the secretary health, district health officer and other authorities concerned to post a female doctor to the THQ hospital on a priority basis otherwise the people of Booni would be forced to launch a protest move against the arbitrary removal of the lady doctor from the hospital without ensuring a replacement.]]>

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