APML leader concerned over rising heart attack cases

In a statement issued to ChitralToday on Saturday, he said: ‘Eleven persons, middle aged and young, have become victim of heart failure since January 2017. Mr. Shahzad Qubad, bank officer and a resident of Mastuj, Sifat Muhammad, Chuinj; Fakhruddin, senior officer of SRSP, and resident of Yukum, Janawat Khan, ex-Mukhi, Central Jamat Khana Bang, mother of Adinah Panah, Shich, Yarkhun, Aman Baig of Brep; w/o Islam Baig, a son of Purdoom, age 23-4 of Guchdur, Brep, mother of Azam, Brep, wife of Rakin, Brep, Yarkhun; Muhammad Karim of Chikar-Broghil and Ali Madad of Lahkargaz are the known victims, including unknown deaths during the past three months.” More than this number of casualties occurred during 2016. The people of Mastuj, Yarkhun and Broghil valleys are badly scared of this killer disease’. He said that the matter has already been brought in to the notice of the government health department and the Aga Khan Health Services Chitral through letters and newspaper reports, time and again, but to the utter dismay the people no action has been initiated as yet. The matter requires an emergent measure to control further heart failure cases by survey, investigation and preemptive strategy by health experts, he added.]]>

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