Retired teacher dies in road accident

CHITRAL: A retired woman teacher from Awi village lost her life while two people were injured in a road accident, police here said on Tuesday. A jeep driven by Fida Muhammad, son of Hidayat Khan, was going to Awi from Chitral when it fell into a ravine near Mroi due to the poor condition of the Chitral-Mastuj road. As a result, his mother, who was travelling in the jeep, lost her life. The driver and his relative identified as Akbar Wali, son of Lali, sustained injuries. The body was shifted to Awi, the native village of the woman, and laid to rest there. The injured have been admitted to the Aga Khan Medical Centre in Booni. It may be noted that three youth died in another traffic accident at the same spot last week. Local people said that due to the falling of debris and boulders, the road had become narrow at the spot causing the accidents.–Muhkam Uddin]]>

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  1. very sad, if it is due to the road condition a case should be filed with police against depts concerned.

  2. Sad news! Our condolence message may be conveyed to Hidayat Khan and his sons. We pray for eternal peace to the departed soul. InnaLILahi wa inna Elahi raju’n.

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