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Senior citizens enjoy soecual festival at Qaqlasht

BOONI: Elderly people from Kroi Junali and Booni participated in the day-long festival organized by Hamsafar Senior Citizens Welfare Society.  

The senior cituzens took part in football, cricket, traditional hockey, tug-of-war and archery competitions besides performing local traditional dances. According to an organizer of the event, Mr Nadir, the centuries-old traditions are dying with time.

“In past we used to go for hiking, prepare traditional foods and present them to guests and other family members but unfortunately, the old habits are not being practiced by the people. Today’s event is an attempt to provide entertainment opportunities to the senior citizens so that they can enjoy for a while,” he added.

A senior citizen said, “we have been playing centuries-old traditional games which are dying day by day and we want to communicate and transfer these traditional heritage to our young generation so as to survive our rich culture.”

A large number of people of different age groups have come to witness the sports competitions. Prizes and awards were distributed among the players at the conclusion of the festival.–GH Farooqui

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