Failure & success reflect one’s keenness

By Wasim Sajad It is a universal truth that the way a person thinks becomes a part of his personality and eventually leads to achieve his goals. Destiny is not totally a fixed thing rather it can be improved by hard work and positive thinking. In order to make their destinies at height, each and every individual of a developed and civilized society build their mettle in the way that paves the way towards the goals. They remain adhered to their tasks and never think to deviate from their path unless the goal is achieved. In every field of life they try to prove themselves to be preeminent. It is rightly said, “A person should never leave his duty.” Though a simple statement, it fits to everyone’s life in our society. Unfortunately, being in this modern era, we are totally dependent upon others and do not even dare to take the onuses which we are appointed for to do. In our society, most of the people, especially students, have been replete with timidity. One of such examples, which I have noticed so far, is the lack of confidence to pass the competitive exams like CSS, PMS, PCS etc. In Pakistan, the idea of passing the superior services exams and become a CSP officer is just like a heavy load for the lifting of which no machine has been invented yet. This is the case with most students belonging to the backward areas such as Chitral. Although studying in the high ranked institutions, their cerebrations are so much limited that it seems no one has passed the respective exams from these institutions. Instead of being professional from these institutions and serve the nation in best possible ways, they are generally found to be at the position of nonentity in society. They fail to come up to the expectations of the people upon them when they were under graduation. On the other hand, the ones who are committed to their high goals are found replete with the spirits to transmute their goals into actualities and they leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. But it remains an almost ideal case from which the real case is too much deviated. As an example, in CSS exams 2016, one or two out of hundreds of candidates from Chitral and 202 out of 10,000 from overall Pakistan cleared the written exams. This was much less than insufficient and reflected why we are still in the state of backwardness and why Pakistan is progressing with negligible magnitude of speed. There are many factors behind our failure. The factor of the foremost importance is the lack of hard work and commitment. The number of students in huge institutions and their struggle when judged can only be found to get degrees, not to be professional degree holders. There are also many sub factors enhancing this factor. One of such sub factors which is most common is the excessive and pernicious use of internet and mobile phones, which although keeps immense importance and better qualities proves to be poison for students in our society. The other factor which is generally more baleful for backward areas is the lack of guidance. When examined the students from different areas of Chitral, it seems to me that Chitral has been ulterior right from the establishment of Pakistan in case of the access of ideas and information’s to the students. The other point I noticed is that the Chitrali and other backward areas belonging students have potentials enough to make any task possible, if guided properly. The other destructive factor responsible for our timidity is our restrictions to the studies of our own fields. Extracurricular activities keep immense importance in building the best career of a student. The ability of thinking and logical reasoning, which is much needed and sought in competitive exams to judge the candidate’s abilities to deal with different issues is generally built by participating in the seminars and workshops related to any fields. In order to make the state stabilized, first of all the government should make all the people equally aware of the conditions and then manage the ways to oust the suitable and valuable candidates out of a throng in the same way a ship needs a suitable and heavy ballast to make itself stable. In short, we can say that provided all the factors are fulfilled, a person keen enough to become successful can and will act as a ballast to stabilize the nation and with this mettle in mind he/she can qualify any kinds of exams by his/her continuous efforts and commitment.]]>

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