Rest in peace: Fakhruddin

of Yukum upper Chitral passed away due to a cardiac attack here on Friday evening. He was 53. He complained of a chest pain at his house in Booni and was taken to the Aga Khan Medical Centre where he passed away. He is survived by his parents, two wives, six children and five brothers – Tahiruddin, Salahuddin, Sherazuddin Babaruddin and Jaffar. A graduate of the University of Karachi, Fakhruddin had been working as head of the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) upper Chitral for many years. His body would be laid to rest in his native village of Yukum on Saturday.]]>

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  1. Dear Fakhruddin Lal,
    Very Difficult to say RIP because your departure seems imaginary always.
    But Fact is Fact, Allah Almighty bestow to you place in Jannat-ul-Firdous.
    We always miss you and you will be in every breath and always in my heart.
    I want to Convey my deeply condolences to Baberuddin, Salahuddin, Sherazuddin and entire family members. Me and my family is equally joining in this Sad and pray to Almighty Allah to give courage to entire family members, relatives and friends of this big Loss.Ameen

  2. The Man who was always smiling and happy in his life both professional and great social and political background Lali Fakhru Ud Din has left us suddenly.
    I would like to extend my deepest sorrows with His family Dada Hakim Farman Jafaar, Babar Ud Din, Slaeh Ud Din, Sheraz and His Son Fahim in Yukum Yarkhun. I would extend my condolence to his great family at Bang and Power Yarkhun along his huge relatives in Buni,Mastuj and Chitral.
    May His Soul Rests in eternal Peace.Amin \
    My Dearest Lali, We will never forget your smiling face and charming personality..

  3. On the tragic demise of brother Fakhruddin,I extend heartfelt condolence on behalf of my entire family and myself to the entire bereaved family and all the relatives. No words can express the depth of this shock. May Allah Kareem bless the departed soul with exalted position in Jannah and grant enough courage and strength to the all for bearing this irreparable loss (Ameen)

  4. I was deeply shocked to read about the sudden demise of my best friend, social, civilized, hospitable, respectful, respectable, well-educated and well-behaved personality, Mr. Fakhruddin S/o Farman Jaffar Ex Nazim and senior social organizer of SRSP.My heartfelt condolences may please be conveyed to Farman Jaffar Ex Nazim Yakhoon,entire bereaved family individually, friends, and relatives. May Allah Almighty bless the departed soul of our brother in eternal peace and grant courage and patience to the entire bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss. Aameen.
    Zahiruddin and family
    Richmond Hill, Canada

  5. The sudden death of Fakhruddin has baddly shaken all his relatives, friends and the whole Yarkhun Valley. I find no words to express my grief and sympathise with his beloved father, Ex.UC Nazim Yarkhun, Mr. Farman Ja’far and his mother, our mother like sister, his loving brothers, Tahiruddin, Salahuddin, Baberuddin, Sherazuddin and Ja’far,his sone, Fahimuddin, his affectionaSte uncles, Hakim Jan, Abdul Jabbar,Abdul Azam, Abdul Mubarak, Muniruddin, Zahirruddin,Khusrauddin, Anwaruddin, Shakiruddin and Din dada. May Allah bless our dear Fakhruddin with eternal peace and grant fortitude to his parent, brothers and all dears and nears to bear this irreparable loss, Ameen. We lost our talented, social, decent and highly respectful son and our hearts are bleeding. انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون ط
    Sher Wali Khan Aseer & family

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