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Residents upbeat as SRSP set to light up Chitral town

ISLAMABAD: Finally the long wait is over, and the residents as well as visitors to the Chitral town are set to enjoy round-the-clock uninterrupted power availability for the first time in the history of the area – thanks to the SRSP.

With the completion of the two megawatt micro-hydro power project at Birmogh village of Golen valley and the laying of the transmission lines through the difficult terrains to the grid station at Juti Lasht, the SRSP’s technical team is busy in the test transmission of power to the town and its nearby areas in phases.

It may be noted that the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) started work on the two megawatt powerhouse on April 15, 2015, with the expected date of completion being  Dec 31, 2016. The total length of the channel of the powerhouse at Birmogh is 2,027 feet and the project has been completed at a total cost of Rs3.42 billion. The donor share in the fund was over Rs3.19 billion and the community’s Rs223 million. With the completion of the powerhouse and installation of the machinery at the site, the major task of laying transmission lines to the grid station at Juti Lasht near the town through the difficult terrains was also completed on a priority.

On the special directions of SRSP Chief Executive Officer Shahzada Masoodul Mulk, which he issued during his recent visit to the powerhouse, all technical hitches in the grid station and the main supply lines were removed quickly in order to ensure the supply of electricity to the consumers without any delay.

On March 7, the defuse sets were also installed in the grid station giving an impetus to the completion of the project. It is expected that very soon the residents of Chitral and its nearby areas would be getting round the clock power. Besides the Birmogh powerhouse, the SRSP is also working on the establishment of other power projects in different parts of Chitral. These projects which are at different stages include: Ayun 600 KW, Booni 500 MW and Mastuj 700 MW. The residents of the Chitral town have highly appreciated the completion of the two megawatt Golen power project by the SRSP on the special interest and initiative of its CEO Shahzada Masoodul Mulk.  

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