2 Replies to “پاکستان سپر لیگ اور غریب عوام  ”

  1. From: Ahmad Azam
    Try to understand these activities generate income and employment in the country that is why countries at world level try their best to host Olympic and world cup events. Just imagine how much income and employment opportunity created during tinny events of Qaklasht and Shandur. This is also the same thing and there should bw many more such events which increase earning of poor people like Raksha wala, chai waly, hotels and restaurants. But you have tried to look at the event with different angle which does not obey economic principle. Every year there is stiff competition among countries to host Olympic and world cup events. please rethink your idea and appreciate such type of activities which promote peace and stability in the country and look at the matter with a broader perspective. In the past foreign tourists were coming to Chitral and our hotels and transport industry were capitalizing the situation and earning income due to flourishing of tourism. When foreign tourists stopped coming to Pakistan how much our transport owners and hotels suffered which reflect positive impact of tourism and sports on national economy.

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