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Mudslides, boulders block Chitral-Mastuj road

MASTUJ: The road between Chitral and Mastuj has been blocked after landslide and soil creep in different places following rains.

About 170×20 feet area was blocked due to soil creep/land sliding at village Raagh, blocking the road. No casualty has been reported, said the DC Chitral office. A shop was damaged in Junali Koch when heavy boulders hit it.

Meanwhile, the district administration said 23 major valleys and district roads were opened for traffic after a record heavy snowfall of February 2017 in District Chitral. Some of the roads which are cleared for traffic are: Chitral-Booni road, Ayun Kalash valleys roads,Shishikoh,Ursoon, Mastuj, Laspor, Booni-Mulkhow, Booni-Torkhow, while work on Chitral Garamchashma road 35 KM up to makal boghdu completed and glaciers clearance at various places is in progress.

However, the residents of these areas disputed the claim and said that most of the areas were still blocked and the departments concerned were only seen working on clearing the roads  a specific areas. There were also reports of damages to the private properties  including houses due to the non-stop snowfall and rains.

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