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Immediate opening of Shishikoh road urged

Member District Council from Shishikoh ward Sher Muhammad said that the recent snowfall has maximized the miseries of people of his constituency and the situation would get worse if not properly handled. In a press statement issued here, Sher Muhammad narrated the situation and said that due to closure of the only link road the people were facing hardships and could not get to hospital, sick people are kept in home waiting for opening of roads. He added that while in a bit to open link road on self help basis on person lost his life yesterday. He said that it is impossible to re-open the road on self help basis. He said that daily commodities were getting out of stock which will create further problems.  He demanded immediate steps to open the link road and reconnect the people with main town so that people could take the patients to hospital and do other need full. He further demanded that medical centers in the valley must be activated and sufficient medicines provided to these centers.]]>

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