3 Replies to “Koghuzi residents hold protest”

  1. Town does not belong to anybody’s forefathers. Majority living in town are settlers. The people of Koghuzi must not allow electricity to the town unless they are given their share. It has become a norm that priority is always given to town which is evident from the bitter fact that 99% percent cash for earthquake were stolen by people of the town thru fake claims. Now they wanna apply the same tactic for the electricity. A pathan from Dir or a toonj bezemak from Madak or Kushmi or someone from far flung area of Torkoh or Lotkuh simply cross all limits by making a three room quatrter in Chitral town. The people of Koghuzi are true stakeholders, genuine people and not settlers so they have every right to stop power supply to town. Those living in town are taajir, sabzi frosh settlers who have recently migrated and have no right to snatch the right of the people of Koghuzi.

    1. saeed brar…
      Where were the Residents of Koghuzi at the time of announcing a power house for the town … This power house is solely for the town… not any government project that the locals have the first right… why they were not speaking on this issue for the past few years ???

  2. If residents of Koghuzi are not willing to allow the electricity for the town which is barely enough, then should not visit the town and use facilities of the town.

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