Another tortuous & humiliating day at Lowari

Retired Subedar of the army Behram Khan told ChitralToday on phone from the southern portal of the tunnel at 2pm that long queues of vehicles stretched from the tunnel to the Dir city but the tunnel was yet to be opened even from the Chitral side. He said they arrived at the tunnel at 11am but work inside the tunnel was still going on as it had not been opened. He said he was going to home on an emergency from Okara taking his family along with a minor son. He expressed anger at the attitude of the elected representatives of Chitral for not ensuring that the tunnel was opened as scheduled on Tuesday and Friday every week. As Mr Behram spoke, angry people around him could be heard chanting slogans against the administrations of Dir upper and Chitral. The angry people stopped a Sambu truck carrying construction material from entering the tunnel. At this, a few vehicles from Chitral side were allowed entry. But after the truck was let to proceed by the protesters, the movement of passenger vehicles from Chitral side into the tunnel was again stopped. A passenger from the Chitral side of the tunnel in a text message said though the government had announced to open the tunnel at 1pm on every Tuesday and Friday the passengers were still not being allowed entry even after 2pm. Last Friday, thousands of people remained stranded on both sides of the Lowari for more than 22 hours due the criminal negligence of the departments concerned and the issue was highlighted by the national media but even then there seems no improvement in the situation. It seems the NHA and the Korean construction company are hell bent on humiliating the people of Chitral and they even do not damn care about the suffering of women, children and sick people, he added.    ]]>

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  1. Yup the deputy commissioner can do alot. I also know Mr Yousafzai so I have full faith in him that he will do something which will force the locals to equate him with the great Osama – may his soul rest in eternal peace. But with due apology to the the deputy commissioner I would like to give him one friendly advise that he MUST avoid meeting a politician who often visits him to have a cup of tea in the evening because it was this man who used to pay such visits when Osama first landed in Chitral. But Osama realised his intentions soon amd stopped meeting him as he was a thourough professional and he knew that sole of purpose of Mr Chips visits were nothing but to misguide him or kind an efforts to oblige him. So a stich in time saves nine. Avoid him as much as possible.
    Another major issue which could be even disastrous for the DC is the dual charge to an official who manage to return to Chitral soon after Mr Shahab took over. The official in question had very cordial relation with a former DC Aminul Haq. His posting in Chitral soon after Mr Yousufzai took over has raised many eyebrows as he is known as an wheeler dealer. So the official who is holding dual charge should be sent back as his friendship with the DC will certainly make his reputation controversial within no time. And it has become talk of the town that why the DC brought such a controversial offucial with him??

  2. Dear gentlemen, The NHA the armed forces, SAMBO distt admn/police and the people of Chitral are all stake holders in this case. We should abstain from mud slinging.I had the oppertunity of visiting Chitral via the tunnel and found all govt functionaries running to and fro in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.But there are certain human limitations like weather etc. I had observed that we are an impatient lot and do not understand dicipline and try to over take / make double and tripple ques and ignore the directions of the traffic police.I saw weak, over loaded and vehicles without chains….who is at fault??????.As far as the DC is concerned, I have served with him personally. he is not a PMS but an experienced PCS officer. who has gone through many thick and thin. And you can rely on him.

    1. According to Muhammad Usman Taj sahib, all are stake holders and working well. Nothing can be farther away from truth than this. There are no direct stake holders other than the poor people of Chitral. All others have no problem with the tunnel as they can use it any time they want so they are not bothered. As far as running to and fro is cncerned don’t know what for are they running. Now a days such tunnels are made in a few months and this one has taken 11 years and still not complete. Why do we twist facts?

  3. Mustansir sab aap ko ye tho pta hoga k DC (CSS)Officer ko banaya jata..abhe jho DC hamery ooper betha hy wo unexperianced pms officer hy..hamara un sy koyi tawaqquq nae hy..thatz y i stand by Dr.Faizi.

  4. Dear Muntansir ! I fully agree with you as for as bookish knoledge is concerned.Democracy,civil administration,justice,lock up are good things in books.Unfortuneately here, we are facing a human made crisis.Our representatives failed us,political parties betrayed us and both,Federal and Provincial Govts disappointed us.The judiciary will take longer time,so the only alternative is Khaki Wardi and Long boots.Pl.come out of the books and taste the bitter truth on ground.

    1. ‏غم سے اب ہوگی براہِ راست میری گفتگو
      دوستو ۔۔۔ تیماردارو ۔۔۔ غم گسارو ! تخلیہ

  5. This is something strange rather very strange to see a man like Dr Faizi looking up to military for salvage. Opening of the tunnel is something which could be done by an additional AC, and what we need is a little resolve from the Deputy Commissioner who has all the power to rein in the Sambu, NHA or whoever is dong badmashi at the tunnel. And the DC can rein them in only if he is courageous. I would like to tell the DC to pull them up; send a few engineers behind the lock and within no time everything will be alright. But again the question is: who will bell the cat? So dear DC saab ghari nikalo, 2, 4 border ploice walon ko peechei bethao, thapar shapar maar tunnel aa ke, aur eik do Drosh Police station me band, phir deik lo keh kis atreh cheezein theek ho jatei hein.
    I would also like to tell the pro-military brigade to stop polishing the boots of the Kahkis, as this is no solution to deadly cancer of corruption. The issues can only be resolved if have good people at helm of affairs. Dictator Musharraf ruled the roost for about eight years, but still Pakistan is in serious trouble. If he could have been the messiah, things could have been alright. He let us down, and he failed us as a nation.
    I would also like to clarify that criticizing the military does not mean that I support the corrupt politicians. They are worse as due to these people we had face military adventurism. The society is full of educated people, and they can play their due role in mitigating the problems faced by the people. The DC can help people in resolving the issues as Chitral is a small district. What we need is little efforts and dedication from the bureaucracy, and DC is enough to put things on the right track. So Dc sb, pls do something are looking forward to you. This chair is not permanent and as long as you are occupying it, pls set a good precedent.

    1. When the Colonel pushes a stranded vehicle there are scores of thanks messages on the forum. Why can’t the same Colonel use Army power and force the NHA and SAMBU to behave themselves and not show animosity towards the poor people just for nothing.

  6. I strongly condemn the Korean Company and the District administrations of Chitral and Dir for their inhuman attitude towards the Chitrali people. I am, too, fully agree with Dr. Faizi that there is no doubt that Nawaz government is victimizing Chitral people for their love for Gen: Musharraf. Shame to the president of Chitral PML(N) who was boisterous about his party’s attention to Chitral. The only solution to this problem is in the hands of our Army. We humbly request to our Army Chief, Gen Qamar Baajwa and Core Commander Peshawar to please come to the help of your poor but patriotic countrymen of Chitral.

  7. I fully agree with Izhaar Chitrali.Army is the only ray of hope for the people of Chitral. Corp Commander Peshawar may be approached to redress the grievances of poor Chotrali folk who are being victimised for loving Gen. Musharraf.

  8. “Iss tarah tow hota hai, iss tarah kay kamo mai”. Half baked measures produce such results. The only hope is the Army DANDA. It should be used without any more delay.

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