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  1. shuja mir says

    It will remain under conatruction till Mian N.S is Prime Minister.Do u have any knowledge what was the completion period when the great Musharafs Govt.started the peoject.Undue favour to a coreupt Govt.and P.M is non sense.These are the reaaons we have lost our dignity and become slaves of a characterless and corrupt personalities.I have a huge respect for my culture and proud to be chitrali but sometime i get very frustated when i see this type of rubbish comments. Thnks.

  2. shuja mir says

    What bloody big deal is this to open lowari tunnel twice in a week.Shame to make this such a big media issue.My humble request to all noble chitrali community is to get rid all of these old politicians and in the interest of our future generation give a chance to new well reputed, educated, successful faces.Otherwise all of us will suffer again and again and these corrupt politicians will become richer and richer.thanks.

    1. Ahsan Sana says

      Dear Sir, construction work of tunnel is under process, that is why its big deal to open the tunnel for two days. It will not be completed on time if we will not understand that how opening the tunnel will effect for more days.

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