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Overseas Chitralis' contribution in development of homeland recognized

The programme was organized by Haji Mohammad Zafar under the platform of CHEPS, and Advocate Abdul Wali Khan Abid was also part of this event. Others who attended the event included Muhammad Shafi Shifa, Dr Nizar Wali Shah and Manager Rehmat Karim. Haji Muhammad Zafar thanked the participants to take out time and be a part of the event, and he appreciated the work that people in UAE are doing for Chitral. The chairman of CHEPS thanked the people who are working for the cause that CHEPS believe in and furthermore. He pointed out that the efforts of people from Chitral who work in Dubai actually run our homes and help in educating Chitral. Chariman CHEPS also hoped that this contribution of UAE members will continue for Chitral and for CHEPS. Those who were awarded included Haji Mohammad Zafar for social work, Amir Ali for promoting education, Ibrahim Khan for creating job opportunities for more than 200 people, Rehmat Khan for job creation, Haji Sultan for social work, Bashgali Khan for creating job.–Abdul Wahid Khan]]>

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  1. Zahiruddin Canada says

    We appreciate Haji sahib Muhammad Zaffar Haji sahib. Dr Nizar wali shah and their team members CHEPS Chairman Rehmat ALI JAFAR DOST sahib Advocate Abdul Wali Khan sahib and all those who work tirelessly for the noble cause of unity,love,cleanliness ,caring, eradication of ignorance and peace

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