Chitrali teacher hired as FG school principal


ShafiqCHITRAL: Mr Shafiqur Rehman has been appointed as the Principal (BS-18) in federal government (FG) schools, Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Islamabad, under the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD). Mr Rehman has worked with AKESP Chitral for the last nine years in different capacities i.e. Lecturer in Chemistry at AKHSS Chitral and Kuragh and RSDU Head (Regional Schools Development Unit) for lower Chitral.]]>

  1. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Heartiest Congratulation, you deserve much more, IA.

  2. Shams Ali says


  3. Minhaj Ali Lodhi says

    Heartiest felicitation dearest brother-proud on you?

  4. Noor Muhammad says

    Heartiest congratulation.

  5. Shujaat Ali Bahadar says

    Please sir, Accept my heartiest congratulations

  6. syedaleemshah says

    Congratulations.being a student of ghd mastuj we are proud of you.

  7. Eid Hussain says

    Congratulations sir..Matter of great pride for chitral

  8. Noor Arab Khan says

    Brother! Heartiest congratulations for your success and our prayers are with you always.

  9. Zahiruddin says

    Our heartiest felicitations may please be conveyed to Shafiqur Rehman and his family.

  10. Salahud Din says

    Congratulations brother.I am working as a lecturer in FG college for men H-9 Islamabad under federal directorate of Education. If you have any kind of problem you can feel free to contact me. Welcome to the club

  11. Farman Ali says

    Heartiest Congratulations Dear Bro

  12. Rehmat Amin says

    Congratulation sir:

  13. Tahir us sabah says

    Dear sir I congratulate you on your great success.

  14. Waqar Ahmed says

    Congratulations a lot Shafiq Sab you really deserved it.

  15. Farhad Khan says

    Heartiest congratulation Sir, indeed you deserve this most..

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