Of a town in mourning

I close my eyes and I imagine Ayesha frantically trying to make a last phone call, Osama hugging his infant daughter tight and Farhat Aziz pressing his daughter’s hand hoping for a last minute miracle. I almost hate myself for these graphic images but the human mind seems to be capable of most imaginative when it is least needed. I am going to write today, attempt at putting into words the last two days of constant agony and piercing pain. I lost no ‘immediate’ family as they say here but found myself crying with not one but 47 families. So I am going to write for that is the only thing that seems to lighten my heart tonight. I am mourning for Ayesha binte Usman; a new bride with dreams in her eyes of meeting her beloved in Canada and pursuing a Ph.D. Ayesha prided on being the first M.Phil in her family and her mourning sister wants her to keep the title even in death. Her beauty and her smile will continue to be imprinted on my mind for a long time. received_1571836562842875Salman Zainul Abedin, the living picture of his great father, former MPA Zainul Abedin and ‘Baba’ to many of us has made even those cry who had never met him. He leaves behind his three young children and while I know that they will be taken care of in the best manner, they remind me of the raw pain of losing a father. I mourn for Farhat Aziz, a loved teacher and a believer in living your life and dreams; who knew he will go down in a ‘flight’, a man who knew how to tame the winds. Taiba Aziz, who has left behind a whole life to be lived to the fullest. I imagine Osama Warraich, a young fellow brimming with the energy to make a difference, with an accomplished career many dream for and old parents waiting at the Islamabad airport. I fail to imagine the fairness of nature in wiping out an entire family of six, leaving behind only a 15 year old to carry the load on her fragile shoulders. received_1571836716176193Forty seven lives have come to a stop today. With them, forty seven families will forget how it means to have a complete family picture. As a daughter who lost her father early in life, I feel you. I know and have gone through the kind of pain that seems to explode through your heart. I know nothing will bring you comfort for a long time. But let me try with these words; it does goes better. You may shake your head and absolutely reject this now with all right but you will see what I mean sometime down the road. Till that time, allow yourself to cry, to mourn and go through the natural healing process. Dont rush through it. Don’t try too hard to forget because you will crave the memories later. I open my heart and door to each one of you tonight and pray that Allah does the same and gives you the courage and patience to bear it without losing yourself in the process.]]>

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  1. ‏ہر بات کہہ دینے کی نہیں ہوتی
    کچھ سننے کی بھی ہوتی ہیں
    کچھ سمجھنے کی
    کچھ جذب کر لینے کی
    کچھ سہہ جانے کی

  2. indeed it z commendable effort on the part of the writer to lessen the agony of the bereaved families…the great writer truely represents the feelings of the victims families without specific inclination to any family…Allah Almighty may grant courage to all the bereaved families…we all the chitralis equally share the grief..

  3. Despite I am thousands of miles away from Chitral,, I am in Switzerland, my heart is with you. I just can’t believe I will never see Farhad Aziz and his daughter Taiba again. I just can’t stop thinking of the agony the passengers mast have gone through, witching between hope and despair before death was upon them. And now the agony of all the families and loved ones left behind and dealing with all the “why’s”.
    I pray to God to find comfort in sharing grieve and giving them strength to accept.

  4. Good piece of write up by bakhtawar remembering some of unsung heroes of Chitral. On the other media is busy in eulogising a single ignoring the rest.

  5. Really good piece of writing from bakhtawar remembering some of the victims of plane crush. It give s me an idea of collecting narrative from the lived of all the victims. As our media is busy with only a single individual ignoring the rest. Once again well done for bakhtawar

  6. It is the poor management and stratigy of PIA administration. Whee a plane flew it carries a number of pessangers with it. For their safety it need to have a big plan with accurate observation. Weak judgement always cause failure.

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