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  1. Khairuddin Shadani says

    Thank you Mr. Miran Shah.Just trying….Please keep your support.
    Brother Danish what I am stidying their is lack of institutional partnership.
    Every other organization running behid the money.
    We need to a create a district level partnership.
    Like AKHSP and DEO Health giving hoapitals.
    ANF and UNODc and donor giving medicine.
    The project will be implemented under CCDN.
    Like this the idea.
    Yes for Supply Control ANF and District Police and District Council.

  2. Danish says

    Mr.Khairuddin Shadani,
    You have started a good job but must show much patiency regarding the job and must secrifice your time , money , linkages and show moral support with the effecties in eliminating the use of opium from Chitral.Therfore you must start work from home to town.If you claim that you have started first activity in this regard,you do update that many other welfare institutions have done alot and remained failure. It increases day by day and is not decreasing in the use of opium.Many more institutions have shown efforts in Chitral to support in the elimination of opium users adiction among the public.

  3. Miran Shah says

    It is really a good job, but their are people who are educated, public representatives and even teachers among thecusers and smugglers. Their should be creck down against these people.I personally appreciate Khairuddin’s efforts.

  4. Khairuddin Shadani says

    Thank you Very Much Chitral Today. I am grateful for publishing cause in your esteemed publication.
    Dear Israr please contact me. My mobile number is 03369626278.
    Khairuddin Shadani

  5. Arshad Ali says

    Opium is a silent killer but then there are so many silent killers which affect every person and we ignore them. e.g adulterated food stuff, fake medicines,etc to which each and every person is exposed. Opium only affects the addict and that too after giving him some pleasure, but fake food and medicines affect everyone without even any superficial pleasure.

  6. israr uddin says

    i am conducting my research on usage of opium in chitral and garum chashma valley if you have any ideas please inform me relate to this topic. for example books, survey website or research those have been conducted on opium usage or opium addict person.
    i will be thankful for your help.

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