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Deforestation poses threats to wildlife in Chitral, warn experts

The workshop was arranged under the strengthening of conservation and development of wildlife  resources. Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Chitral Imtiaz Hussain Lal was chief guest while the workshop was presided over by Nooruddin, Tehsildar Mastuj. Addressing the participants,  Imtiaz Hussain, Hameed Mir, Waqas Ahmad Advocate and others said due to environmental pollution and climate change, the temperature was increasing and Chitral was not an exception. They said in Chitral  conservation of wildlife was essential for promoting eco-tourism which can attract tourists from around the world.deforestation and damages to natural resources was not only causing unprecedented floods, melting of glaciers but also posing threats to the very existence of wildlife in the valley. They said there was a great potential of wildlife in Chitral like brown bear, Ibex, Kashmir Markhor, snow leopard and other rare species of birds, animals, medicinal plants and forests. The over 542 glaciers in Chitral are melting very fast due to the climate change, they added. Women participants of the workshop demanded equal opportunities to them in the conservation of wildlife. During group work, the participants highlighted issues reflecting to wildlife and their possible solutions. Participants from Broghil valley expressed their pleasure on the establishment of a national park in that scenic valley which definitely will change the fate of the area. A resident from Torkhow disclosed that due to public awareness among the people the number of Ibex in the valley was increasing. He also demanded the launch of a hunting trophy in the Torkhow valley. It is pertinent to state here that more than 10 million dollars being paying for the hunting of a Markhor by foreigners in Chitral with 80pc of the amount going to the local community and 20pc to the government. A large number of representatives and presidents of different village conservation committees, social workers and government officials participated in the workshop.]]>

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