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NTS torture

There is no doubt that the National Testing System (NTS) is a torture cell for candidates applying for different positions in government and semi-government departments.

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  1. Khush says

    Nts system is fair & with pure system but us this a justice in acdamic they kept only 5% for M. Phil

  2. Hamid Khan says

    I have one thing to add to Faizi Sb. NTS can be improved, its people who will find loopholes in every system and will try to influence the system. The best example is the hiring of secretaries of village councils where certain group/party of people influenced and a government official AAC was involved to be supporting the candidates who scored less. Faizi sb should talk to them to know how they influenced the system and then give suggestions on improving the system from usurpers.

  3. AZIZ KHAN says

    NTS is a department which conduct tests.After result the department keeps does not keep the merit it up to the relevant department.Blaming NTS is I personally consider not good.

  4. Tanzil khan says

    The term champanzie and DNA resemblance is actually an indicators and parameters to check the origionality of some one genetic makeup; which is responsible for his/her behaviour. I want to copy the quotation from one of commentators’ comments “two things are infinite, universe and human stupidity, i am sure about the universe but not about the later (A.Einstain)”. i wonder on your poor thinking and the way you address the people. Mr. question mark! I never mentioned your name directly in any of my comments. secondly, mr. mentally colonized if you can’t interpret and understand the context of some things, then read the sentence repeatedly. the term champanzie and DNA resemblance is further linked to behaviour of educated people who are glorified certified non sense like you. develop a sense of respect and if again u used any cheep language regarding my profession and address i will open the book of Ghani khan “the pathan” to teach you the culture loftiness and magnanimity.i never try to highlight your name and profession in social media. And you delibratly and intentionaly mentioned my profession and address on social media.

  5. Inayatullah Faizi says

    Well done ! I would appreciate the move.But i would like to add that the fear process sould also be brought to light through whlch the Panjabi contracror was assignened the most lucrative contract 3 years ago. I am on record in opposing the corrupt practice since March 2014.To repeat myself , i have 4 sugessions.1 The job should be given to concerned departments who know their job better than any body else.2 polotical interference may be given up.3 The job may be outsourced through bidding in a transparet way.4 the provincial govt may establish a separate recruiting authority as it did in case of Independant Monitoring Unit.

  6. Wasim Sajjad says

    with due apology that behooves a student,I, being an ex student of GDCC, am unable to understand as why our respected Chemistry professor is so much furious and has started writing telegraphic, out of context phrases DNA, Chimpanzee, superior culture, in the line of fire. This is what Dr Faizi calls rambling. The moot is related to NTS as a recruitment system. Do the above-mentioned phrases have connections with the topic? It is an open forum to discuss and generate opinions regarding an issue, it is not afield for jingoism in words. Nor, it is rational to be so personal and egoistic that one has to stick to his guns till the end. In the given comments, Mr Tanzil has neither been criticized nor has Dr Faizi been hit personally, all the discussion is about the merits and demerits Of NTS, so the discussion can neither dermine friends nor foes. So what do the urdu line convey? As I have said earlier, I respect Dr Faizi, in the same measure as I respect Mr. Tanzil for his contributions in the field of education but I do have the right to disagree with both of them and they should be magnanimous enough to respect our disagreements, if any, and forgive our omissions, if any,. Regards.

  7. Tanzil khan says

    ہے مشق سخن خالی چکی کی مشقت بھی
    اک طرفے تما شا ہے حسرت کی طبیعت بھی
    The platitude of some dears and nears at this stage, and the exostra( open scene before the eyes of every one) concentrated the dilute solution of NTS tourture posted by Dr faizi. Resemblance between the DNA (chemical coding of information) of human and that of champenzee is 98.4%, which means the diffrence is on the basis of more superior culture and behaviour of human being.The tregidy is not that we are the biological evalutionary product of wild creatures ( ancestors od humans an apes are common) but the trigidy is of our today educated people behaviour, the way they arguments, the way they raise questions,the way the adress people and the way they yobjects The things. Toyn.B write in his “study of history” about the declain of civilization That a society disperse when it lose its moral values. Same is the case of our today society. No tolerence, no argument for the sake of arguments, criticise each other without the principles of formalisim and neo criticisim.I was shocked to read the supriority of one commentrator, whom i know very well from the time of ” In the line of Fire”. For him i want to qout a Faiz Ahmad Faiz.
    دشمنی غیر تو نہین کرتے
    یہ شرافت تو یار کرتے ھیں

  8. saleem shahzad says

    Nice justice mr.Gul Naseeb with Faizi write up. I was sure from the very begining about your vision and thinking. At last you did it along with your pathetic suggestion; shame on your vision,and the decision of stopping your deprived comments further is an excellent step to bring a reforme. I really inspired from your justice, vision and analysis.

  9. UBAID SHAH says

    The diagnosis of the problem by Dr. Faizi Sahab is right, no doubt, but his prescription is entirely wrong and misleading.
    NTS system has indeed helped candidates to seek employment through meritocracy, there can be no better alternative, but, the exploitation through privatization is not acceptable. The fee is very high for an unemployed dependent graduate and cost and inconvenience of test centers is very solid issue for graduates from far flung areas.
    Dr. Faizi Sahab must write in favor of reforming it, replace it ETEA but not the dismantling of the whole system. I always see that Dr. Sahab takes extreme point of review in majority of his analysis regarding any issue, i don’t think there is some personal interest for him, rather i would say, he does not look deep, or he assumes his readers particularly Chitrali below his intellectual caliber, which is not true, which is intellectual arrogance.
    There are people who do not have so-called credentials and fame but they are very learned people and know how the world works, they are usually found in obscure places.
    I would request Dr. Faizi to write up it again considering both pros & cons as the current piece is not analysis, its just a personal opinion and we do not agree on that.

  10. Naseeb Gul says

    And the first step in this direction will be to dislocate NTS center from Chitral Model College where Hounarable Dr sb is serving as a Principal.

  11. Naseeb Gul says

    After going through the comments of dear Wasim Sajjad and illogical and irrational replies by pro Faizi commentrators I have come to the conclusion that they have nothing to say in their defence. It will be better to stop this discussion over here. If Dr sb have some valid and factual figures regarding malpractices in NTS then he along with his protagonists should go to FIA, IB or whtaever platform they like to.

  12. saleem shahzad says

    @ wasim
    Mr. Why don’t you understand core of the situation. It’s sad to say that educated like you: selfadmirer,pompous, swellheaded & suffering from vainglory,wasted mostly his/her time on verbosity and negative critisicim rather than to give a useful arguments and suggestions. you are actually out of your mind and your words are driven by mouth rather than mind. I could’nt find even a spark of sainity after going going through your melodramatic declmation.

  13. Aman Ul mulk says

    @ wasim sajjad
    Criticisim is all about fair judgment and some thing you know well, but you don’t seem to have the knowledge and guts to criticise a scholar like dr. Faizi. if you do have least of morality.. you should apologize him, for all that pseudo arguments and unreasonable quibbles. You can criticize ideas, but facts are facts, and distortion of facts leads you to ignorance. So please stop being a literate ignorant.

  14. Wasim Sajjad says

    The pro Faizi commentators try to make me wrongly feel guity as if by asking Dr Faizi to revisit his opinions regarding NTS system irrespective of taking into account the human errors at the administrative level,(that can be rectified through suggestions by experts). I have no personal problem with any one including Dr Faizi, being a reader of his columns, I expected innovative suggestions and creative solutions regarding NTS as a system, but feel regret and I believe the readers will feel the same to find no plausible suggestions in this regard.The readers like me are at a loss to understand when they happen to see criticism sane logic and arguments and have the right, definitely, to raise eyebrows, no matter who the writer is. Dr. Faizi being a teacher, a writer and an analyst is a respectable man and knows the sanctity of pen better than anyone else but except Prohets no one can be infallible, so he is vulnerable to criticism and his supporters should not take it heart. They should rather see into the hearts of their hearts whether they are supporting a right cause or Dr Faizi personality has befogged their understanding and sense of right judgment.The story regarding the respect of a teacher in the court, told by Dr Ashfaq Ahmed has gone stale and we are not disrespectful pupils to be reminded of that well known story. I have have not used a single word insulting to anyone, and if criticism asking for logical reasons from Dr Faizi is deemed disgraceful, then I am sorry, I cannot observe such kind of religiosity in terms of human relationship. Dr. Faizi might himself has felt shy to read the remarks of his supporters and lamented in the heart of his heart because his followers are dancing on the same tune and except praising him irrationally and snubbing his opponents in foul and broken english, they have nothing to resort to. Let us leave it to the impartial and unbiased readers to decide over the reality of the situation and suggest ways in this regard.

    1. Adil Ahmed says

      @Wasim Sajjad: I agree you haven’t been disrespectful or personal with anyone and that you have a right to criticise anything. The problem I saw in your arguments is you did not understand the actual problem put forward by Dr. Faizi. Remember, it is not everyone’s job to put forward solutions, raising an issue in itself is important and for solutions we have elected a bunch of people and an elephant size Beauracracy is in place for solutions. It is their job to provide solutions.
      The issue, rightly raised by Dr. Faizi is NTS, a private organisation has a monopoly and the system devised for use of their services is flawed. The Flaw raised by him is before scrutinising applications by the department everyone is asked to take NTS and later it is communicated that 50% of them did not need to take it as they did not fulfil other criteria. A basic question that I want to ask you is,’if you top NTS for a particular job of any department, is it guaranteed that you are selected? If that is so, then NTS is brilliant and if not then ???? Will wait for your reply

  15. Ihtisham Ur Rehman says

    The writing of any writer in a society is like a mirror. He shows them the image of the society through his/her writing. His/her writings act as a mirror for the society.
    Here, Dr. Faizi has endeavoured to show the society that what is going on in the society. And as a writer it is his sacred obligation to fulfil his duty. Instead of coming with suggestions some are blaming him which is an astonishing act on part of some stereotypical persons. So, try to be logical and come up with suggestions instead of blame game.

  16. Ihtisham Ur Rehman says

    Mr. Sajad and Tasleem, for your kind information: Recently education department advertise the posts of clerks through NTS. The results were announced and then tje results were handed over to the education department. I wonder what’s the use of this so-called fair NTS system!
    If the department itself was to select the candidates then what’s the point of conducting the test through NTS?
    The important issue to discuss is what shall be done to overcome these kind of problems. Obviously, NTS isn’t a remedy for unfair means in recruitment. Dr. Faizi Saab has raised the question of the credibility of NTS and its different tactics of pillage.
    If you discuss the issues instead of discussing the personality.

  17. Aman Ul mulk says

    Brother, waseem sajjad, what i was gained from your outstanding writing is, you have a direct problem from some commentators or may be from Faizi. Refomers in the different societies bring reforms or try to bring it. I know Faizi from his articles but never meet him. He has lot of information and skills in his writing. Dear! i would like to say, donnot discuss your personel problems on such occassion. You also comment in your last writeup about some other topics which is not concerned to the present one.

  18. saleem shahzad says

    Dear Raza Tasleem! Instead of tasleem raza the name and identities is the only assests of a man. Keep in mind that a teacher never commited mistake, if commited then who are you to keep resrve against teachers. Once Isfaq ahnad the renowned scholar,commited mistake in itly and was in court. Judg asked about the profession, he reply i am teacher, judge astonished and stand” a teacher is in a court”. This is the respect of teacher in the culture of well mannerd and well develop society. compare now your reserve of right with the Italian society. second, yes i used many objectivez for Dr.faizi not under faiziphobia; the word used by some non-sense, rather he desreve such words. If a person havn’t any sense regarding teachers and scholars , expecting ideas and discussing ideas mere will be a joke. Keep in mind you are the part of underdevelop society not developed , so it would be better to change your concept of reserving right and negative critisicim on teachers.Clear next time your name and identities.
    @ wasim sajjad.
    still i m wainting for your precious arguments regarding NTS not tourture the community. Pro-Faizi; what a cheap sense,expecting from people who’s grooming is out of the circle of respect. I also read ur argument full commentory , which us mere verbosity and allegation. Again you hit personalities which show your pathetic and poor thinking. If allegation and verbosity is the type of arguments then i don’t think to talk with a person with arguments.

  19. Wasim Sajjad says

    The pro Faizi commentators seem to be misinformed about NTs procedure like Dr Faizi himself or perhaps they vent their grudges against the responsible office bearers of NTs in Chitral or may be the owner of the company because of his selfish monetary concerns, repulses them.The gist of their comments could neither present any better alternative for NTS system nor suggest ways to improve the existing system.They can not deny that NTS system could enable thousands of deserving candidates to get employment without using any unfair means. Just take the recruitment of teachers Who were Selected on the basis of their academic marks and their obtained scores in NTS as there is no credit or weightage for the interview. But in the selection of SECRETARIES in the local council, manipulation was made because of human intervention. The appointing authority was AAC working as assistant director of district council.Against justice and fair play, he gave 8 marks out of 10 to the lowest scoring cannditates while some of the highest scoring candidates were granted 3 or 4 marks just to make room for the low scoring candidates. The deserving candidates were deprived of their rights because after NTs process the Interview marks in the hand of AAC were the deciding factors. So human intervention and the possibility of manipulation should be nibbed at the bud. There may be chances of unfair means, impersonation and copying during the NTS Test as are possible in other system of evaluation but such loopholes can be eradicated by improving the system and by training the examinees according to modern standards. . Though Nts questions are relevant to each specific position and are not similar for every kind of jobs yet the questions given in the paper can also be improved by introducing more conceptual and job oriented questions. More over if the owner and the office bearers are involved in corruption and foul practices then it will be great contribution on the part of Dr Faizi or any other to bring them forward so that they may taken to task by the law of the land. Othewise writing letters to newspapers without any proper rhyme and reason will carry no wheight as at present NTS system is a better existing system of recruitment. postscript; To the pro Faizi commentators, expecially to saleem shahzad.,it is advsable just to think before penning down their comments whether they have any sound argument in support of their mentor. Man is to err, and Faizi sahib is also a an earthly creature of flesh and bones. He may be wrong and biased so it is unjust and seems rather absurd on their part to use superlative epithets for him instead of writing logical arguments and to write the lowest degree of adjectives like stupidity, glorified nonesense, ignorant etc. for those who venture to cross examine his point of views. Regards.

    1. Adil Ahmed says

      As you said man is to err, happened to you too. You did not understand the issue put forward and resorted to questions in NTS and all. The issue highlighted here is if a department advertise for a position and makes NTS mandatory for even application a lot of people take the test and it costs a lot of money. After passing the NTS you have to submit your application to the relevant department for job and they scrutinize your application and might reject you on basis of a qualification or experience making NTS altogether irrelevant. A girl I know underwent the whole process and her application was later rejected on the basis of B.Sc second division making NTS irrelevant. Thought independent data is not available but a whole lot of candidates undergo NTS and later rejected by the relevant department on other basis. One can only come up with issues and to think and implement of solutions we have elected a bunch of people who promised change and what not. Ain’t that their job?

  20. Tasleem Raza Mastuj says

    Dear salim shehzad! Why do you run after names and identities.why don’t you go into the substance of the argument? I need not know you who you are only concerne is what you write irrespective of your identity.This is how I look at it.Dr. Faizi, as a teacher,as a scholar , as a writer, is indeed very respectable for me but i will reserve my right to differ with him if feel that he is not right in particular context and would not follow him blindly like you.Now let’s be fair enough.Do your arguments hold water if you write something which are loaded with mere adjectives like excellent,marvellous,emintent etc if you favour someone and in the same way stupid, none sense, bulshit etc in case you differ with someone.I would rather die than address somebody with such offensive words even if i differ with someone’ view point to greater extend.So the crux of the matter is we must not run after personalities, identities ,names rather we have to go into the ideas the convey to us.They say great people discuss ideas not personalities.

  21. saleem shahzad says

    @Tasleem raza mastuj
    precious saying by some one ” two things are infinte, the universe and human stupidity, i m sure about the universe, but not about the former”. If a person don’t know his own identity,then he should avoid objecting otherz. Same is the case with you. I want to know about your real identity and i know such statment can be write by only one person, which never want to face the facts. Now,the turning point is Faiziphobia. Excellent my son, it’s a better word in the favour of Dr. Faizi, from the person like you.

  22. Ihtisham Ur Rehman says

    Very well written and with valid arguments. It is the core issue of the time.
    I haven’t read all the comments by different people, however, read a few, and it seems that those who are in favour of NTS haven’t any idea about the process. There is no doubt that NTS is a torture cell for the candidates applying for different positions. It is torture because it hasn’t the credentials to evaluate the candidates as well as it doesn’t take its job seriously. How? NTS is that department which organises the same test for the recruitment of Police; the same criteria is followed even for the students applying for foreign scholarships. In consequence those who go in different professional fields, whatever it be, they don’t perform well, because their selection hasn’t been fair and according to the requirements for the position.
    As far as corruption and fair and free recruitment is concerned one can’t say that NTS has the ability to eradicate corruption. Why? Because the test doesn’t carry any weightage, and thus candidates are selected on the basis of their academics and the interview conducted by the departmental committee.

  23. Inayatullah Faizi says

    Tanzil khan ! This is amusing to note that those writing in support of NTS have nothing to say in supprt of the system.nobody has an answer to the basic auestions raised in this regard.what they write here is called just rambling and you know rambling has no direction

  24. Tasleem Raza Mastuj says

    Mr.saleem shehzad ! You are suffering from Faiziophobia….can anyone make sense of whatever this gentleman has written in support of

  25. Tanzil khan says

    ہم نے مجنون پہ لڑکاپن میں اسد
    سنگ اٹھایا تھا کہ سر یاد آیا
    Dr. Faizi is the centrifugal analyst of educated circle, using the mutidimensional tools to pin the points with precsion and accuracy. I was shocked to read the bombastic and verbosity of most of the commentrators on the Faizi sahab write-up,which show the hatred of this people toward great people. There criticisim is not logical and not according to the concept of argument for the sake of arguments. It’s not an intellectual approch of these people , it is mere the release of murcury pressur from the brain in the form of words.To become a critical analyst one should need to read the ettiqutes and manners first and then adress the intellectual people by the way they deserve. i found that most of our commentrators pre-set their mind to not accept any suggestion from the writer. This is the dilema of this entire mountain community who completly failed to creat such people who respect their intellectuals, elders and writers. They learn only one thing that is zero tolerence and object the other without any rational and logic.At the end i would like to quot a persian poetry and Hope Dr.faizi interpret it in a better manner.
    عرفی تو مئے اندیش زاغوغائے رقیبان
    آواذئے سگان کم نہ کند رزق گدارا

  26. saleem shahzad says

    @Naseeb Gul
    what a childish analysis about the 60% CSS share. Here i think the rebuttle is not for the share of CSS competative exam of punjabis. The debate is on the tourture of NTS system of examination of the poor community. Do you know the punjabi contractors also share 70% corruption of the entire pakistan. The punjabi contractors share 20% tax to govt treasury , while 63% share of tax come from sindh. And you know well about the panama leaks; the major actors of this leaks is belong to the punjabi contractors.

  27. Naseeb Gul says

    I will appreciate if Dr sb raises questions regarding the 60% share of Panjibis in CSS and 80% in Pakistan Army.
    If a Panjabi contractor is doing a good job then you must appreciate it rather than ingniting provincialism and regionalism without valid and rational reasons. To criticize in lieu of none will harm everybody including you yourself.

  28. Fardad Ali Shah, Sanik Bala says

    This is appropos to the letter above that I myself experienced appearing in the NTS test based Chitral where I was shocked to see the invigilators and superitandants saying that there is 0 tolerance for cheating, which was not on ground reality. I was too happy that we are having transparent exam and I was shocked when the exam started where most of the students who were known to each other were asking questions openly infront of the invigilator and filling up the sheets. No one dare to stop them and the claims were to be no more.
    Even interesting the superitandant was Chitrali who explained the rules and regulations. Even NTS is not a transparent system in Chitral as I witnessed myself. I am not criticizing anyone instead I am requesting that very soon we are going to have another competitive exams ihrough NTS and if the situation remains the same than we will not dare to consult the court in such cases specially against the authorities and specially the supritandant and invegilators. So through your esteemed paper I draw the attention of all the authorities who will be responsible in conduction of the test will be responsible for their own faith in future.
    Fardad Ali Shah, Sanik Bala

  29. saleem shahzad says

    Is it a moral development regarding hits the personalities like Hoti’s father withkut any documented proof. Now you have two option: 1. When you easy load to Hoti farhet and for which purpose? 2. And if u not eash load him then why you keep a moral low ground blame on the person. My dear! First learn the ettiqutes of critisicim then hit them. And if u load him for the sake of job then Allah almighty says ” رشوت دینے والےاور لینے والے دونوں جہنمی ھیں”. Why you people promote the culture of bribes at that time. Where were u at the time when Hoti son amir haider hoti build the by pass road, gifted a university for ur community, donated buses for schools and colleges and provided roads from peshawer to chitral.
    @ Naseeb gul and Mr.wasim sajjad i am waiting for ur logical piece of writing about NTS system. it’s intresting that the cat is now come out from the bag. It will be more intresting after ur kind suggestion. If u don’t do that we will open the book of stupidity for every glirified ignorant and non-sense. Hope so u get the point , othet wise there are many other ways to inject the point of understanding in the vein.

  30. jamil says it is better to be failed than to snatch some other deserving person rights or Haq through bribe. Rishwat lanay or danay walay both will burn in the hell fire.

  31. saleem shahzad says

    I wonder on the culture loftiness and magnanimity of the commentators on the note of Dr.Faizi.Mr.So & so why not you get the main point from Faizi write-up ;conduction of the test without valid verification of verified documents, which show your pathetic and poor vision about So-Called merit of NTS and its system. why Punjab vanished such glorified way of merits system from the entire Punjab???

  32. Inayatullah Faizi says

    I am again pleased to know that the pleaders for so called merit have no arguments in favor of the Panjabi contractor. blaming the previous Govt. is popular hobby among the failed people and failed GOVTs in the third world.

  33. Hamid Khan says

    For Faizi sb these days everything should go through FIA/NAB etc. Where were you when jobs were sold like potatoes through easy load and touts of the politicians and bureaucrats. NTS have demerits but the merits are more important.

  34. jamil says

    Amir Haider khan Hoti’s father was selling jobs like Naswar in open market and famous for his easy loading. They had their own people even in public service commission to sell higher cader posts. Dr. Sb should also request NAB, IB, FIA to look into this matter too. People faked pcs exam while easy loading Hoti’s father pocket. This government is at least not selling job and introduced some system which may have some flaws but there is always room for improvement. should give some good suggestions in order to make this system better instead of being biased toward the government.

  35. jamil says

    Amir Haider khan Hoti’s father sold jobs like Naswar in open market and was famous for his easy loading. They had their own people even in public service commission to sell higher cader posts. Dr. Sb should also request NAB, IB, FIA to look into this matter too. People faked pcs exam while easy loading Hoti’s father pocket. This government is at least not selling job and introduced some system which may have some flaws but there is room for improvement. should give some good suggestions in order to make this system better instead of being biased toward the government.

  36. Inayatullah Faizi says

    I am pleased to see that the feedback was encouraging.I have twomore questions.In case the was necessary,why it was not outsourced to ETEA or BTS ? Secondly why the marks obtained in NTS have zero weightage in merit list ?Regarding suggestions , I would like to add that the contractor from Panjab may be blacklisted and testimonials of candidates should be checked before the useless test. If it is unavoida le then ETEA or BTS can conduct the test in a better way without giving torture to the unemployed youth.The Panjabi contractor is fleecing the poor people without any justification.

  37. Ilyas Hussain says

    The benefits of NTS outweigh the drawbacks. You should appreciate that in last three years when PTI government ended the system of EasyLOAD culture and anyone can get job based on NTS marks. I wonder why you don’t see the good aspect of it. I think paying 10, 000 as test expense is better than paying bribe of one or two lacs, people were giving to ANP led easyload shops to get jobs.
    How about demanding betterment in the NTS system? Why the criticism on PTI comes in this story. . 🙂 It would be more healthy to criticise the party if there is any corruption in NTS . . Please do that Dr.Sahib you are in a good position. It will help to further strengthen the institution.

  38. Naseeb Gul says

    Dear Wasim Sajjad you nailed it beatifully..we respect Dr sb coz he is our intellectual asset but the way he has been changing his ideologies makes his credibility, as an analyst, dubious..i myself is an appointee through NTS system of recruitment and many others including me trust this organization coz of its transparency and meritocracy…as an organization there may be some sort of loophols, as an anayst you have to highlight them as propose suitable look jeolous of Jahangeer Khan Tareen and this inter personal acrimony has nothing to do with a testing agency.

  39. Tasleem Raza Mastuj says

    It is not only strange but indeed shocking and appalling after going through the write up of respected Dr.Faizi. It is very unlike Dr.sub’s approach and does not behoove a man of his stature and thus, uncalled for.Instead of volleying valuable sugestions Dr. Sab resorted to unnecessary and somewhat exagerated criticism like “summons the candidates from far flung areas without checking their credentials”[sic]: “the NTS procedure costs each candidate 10,000 rupees”[sic]. For any sane person these are hard to digest.No doubt, NTS system may not be perfect and there might be some loopholes but at the moment there is no better system of recruitment than this which has to some extend ensured meritocracy. The worthy writer was supposed to offer an alternative system with valuable suggestions like setting up of sub offices of Public Service Commission in various districts in order to ensure quick and merit based recruitment as current PSC recruitment procedure is too time consuming being too over burdened Or more robust and functionalised ETEA as a replacement for NTS.Criticism based on personal interest is not going to serve anybody as i was told by a bird of passage that all this being done to get a venue for conducting NTS test in Chitral(which may not be true) .However, we must not undermine our Collective Good for petty gains.

  40. Wasim Sajjad says

    It is strange to read an illogical piece written by Dr.Faizi sahib. NTS system has enabled hundreds of those candidates to get jobs in Chitral who could not think of getting employment during the previous government.I still rrember his columns criticizing public service commission for its loopholes in the system, talking about the sale out oof jobs in the ANP government. public service commission being a reliable institution for recruitment is still rightly criticized for its lenthy and belated process of appointment by sensible individuals. Once, out of 500 posts for SST teachers, 12 candidates from Chitral for recommended including both male and female. The situation has been similar for the appointment of other vacancies. Appointment of police constables hailing from different villages through NTS and the recruitment of candidates during the previous governments are all obvious teven to an ordinary citizen. NTS selectees earn their living on merit, they are not like the sefarishi appointees of previous era. The recent appointment of hundreds of teachers through NTS in our District only could not be possible through PCS within five years not to mention candidates of other districts. All these teachers are competent and have got employment on the basis of their academic qualifications and obtained marks in NTS. I think Dr.Faizi is not oblivious of the appointees of lecturers, SS and SSSTs during the MMA government and his relatives might be included among them and who are now permanent employees, teir credentials were frowned upon by those who favor meritocracy. NTs as a system of recruitment may have weaknesses and pointing them out along with plausible suggestions is a good job but Dr Faizi seems unhappy with Jahangir Tarin and the administration of tests under the present set up or venue of the tests which smacks personal considerations and biases. Instead, he may be impersonal and give fruitful suggestions for the further rectification of the system.

  41. saleem shahzad says

    Saleem shahzad
    It’s really a marvelleious and excellent analysis By eminent person, Dr.Faizi.The entire pakistan face the tourture of these organozation in various department. @ Naseeb Gul i think some time we delibratly drop the major and importatnt scenes without portraying the fact and figures: you intentionally ignore some sentences of Dr.Faizi note, which is totally an intellectual dishonesty. Secondly various educational institutions in panjab kick out the NTS system like Quied e Azam university Islambad ; leading university of pakistan. NOW, the question is why NTs managment not seriously take the matter and to solve the higlighted problems by Dr.Faizi. I wonder on ur statment and misues and miinterpretation of various words, which was not the matter of concerned in this type of write-up. It would be better to become a critical analyst rather to beocme a glorified ignorant.

  42. Inayatullah Faizi says

    It means that my arguements are valid.Blaiming a clerk does not serve the purpose as the same clerk issues appointment letters on the basis of the previous criteria ie academic record which are not considered before the so called useless excercise of test.

  43. Naseeb Gul says

    Its so sad to hear these words from a well known figure like Faizi sb..where you were when jobs in education department were being distributed by the clerks of education office?? For the first time in the history of Pakistan candidates in education department are being selected through fair and transparent evaluation would have been better if you could have courage to appreciate the poor and self centric approach Dr sb!!

    1. Inayatullah faizi says

      I would like to appreciateif you could give any argument in support of the thikadai system introduced by Jahangir Tareen.

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