No respite from dust engulfing villages


On the east of Zomosor, there is Reshun, in the northeast Shogram and Bindugol villages, in the south Green Lasht and on the west is Riri Ovir. In the northwest, there is located the Lon village. After July 1, there started landsliding resulting in huge amount of dust rising up. Local people say as a result of irrigation in Lon village, the water goes down into the deep soil making it slippery over the down rocks. At the bottom, there is soil erosion by the river Yarkhun. Some people are saying that this is the result of the land sliding and emitting of dust which covers the whole adjacent areas. The leaves of the trees are covered with dust so there is no process of respiration in plants. It also affects the ecosystem in the area of more than 15 to 30 kms. The continuous emission of dust from Zomosor badly affects the health of the people especially children, resulting in the spread of different diseases such as cholera, dysentery, eye diseases and asthma. Breathing in the fresh air has become a dream for the people of the area. In such a grave situation, how can people live in the area? When the wind blows from the south, it carries the dust towards upper Chitral and shadows the whole areas. I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities, UNDP, district admin and metrological department to look into the hazardous and alarming situation and help the people of the area to cope with the situation.received_896516237159700]]>

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