1. Amir Ahmed says

    Agreed with Ihsan.
    Such youngesters are a big shame to their families.
    Khodaye hetan te hidayat wa aqal dyar. Ameen

  2. Ihsan Torkhow says

    Whatever little economic independence has come to the villages of upper Chitral has resultantly caused the youth of such families exhibit this kind of attitude and behavior. In Khowar we call it “Ahtio no Xerek”. These morons need to be taken to task and made example for others.

  3. shehla hakim says

    @Shafeeq Sudais:I think I failed to convey what I wanted to say in my comments. I reaffirm my conviction that if the potential of the dashing youngsters are oriented in right and positive way, then they accomplish big achievements and they will used their wit and courage for useful purposes. It is indeed an epic act to stab someone and face the danger of being stabbed.
    Of course, their act is childish and the gory incident in the beautiful village of Sonoghur must not have happened where people sink into ecstasy of the beauty. The Malang of Sonoghur, the Lover of Sonoghur, had disseminated the message of love in this land but not stabbing each other. Let us forget it as childish act of some innocent youngsters as Jawani, Diwani, Mastani.

  4. Sartaj Hamid says

    A well deserved punishment. The above mentioned boys of Mastuj, who belong to a specific family, are famous for their mischievous activities in the area. They need to learn some lesson before its too late. A few years of jail is better than a life imprisonment or death sentence over murdering someone if they continue their same terrorist activities.

  5. N.A. Khan says

    The incident is unfortunate. Those injured in the incident may get well soon and those in jail may return to their homes with a positive lesson (learned) from the horrific incident. Please don’t politicize this unpleasant event in the media because it belongs to the most sensitive and important segment of our society (the youth).
    To my knowledge such groups, are existing in each and every village at least in Upper Chitral i.e. Tulakh Group helping people harvesting their crops, “Junoon Group” Manages festivities in our village indiscriminately and “Ustaz Group” provides tutoring to youngsters.
    We had a similar group in Eighty’s named “Welfare Group” and involved in several social works i.e. local road repair, playground leveling and tutoring junior students during long winter vacation. But our group always invited the area elders to participate in its activities and a senior member was a permanent member of the group for guidance and presiding over the meetings.
    The difference between our group and these groups is lack of guidance and participation of elders in such groups. The young people may not accept elders in its group or the elders of the area don’t have time or care for these youngsters, both cases are disappointing. The gap between the generations must be bridged in order to keep our youth in the right direction by providing them guidance and opportunities.There should be surveillance for such groups and their activities in a proper manner by the elders of each village. Banning or blaming all groups may result in hindrance and dispirit in youth. Therefore, the issue must be dealt with caution and care.

  6. Shafeeq Sudais says

    The piece of news is indeed disturbing as well as alarming.The onslaught of foreign media in the shape of Hollywood and Bolly wood violent movies seems to have its effects on our young generation that needs to be nibbed in the bud.Someone has rightly pointed out that different violent groups in Karachi emerged in the same fasion and got out of control as extortion,kidnappings for ransom, so much so Increasing target killings on daily basis marred the very beauty of city of lights.Once the genie is out of bottle ,there is non there to cap it back. Chitral is known for its peace, tranquality and peaceful coexistence all over the world.We ought not let it go the other way round at any cost the way we witness rampant violence and intolerance which has become a trade_mark of many Pakistani societies.Here, I would like to point out specifically that one of the worthy commentators still look at it as a silver lining in the cloud.Its unfortunate if she still call it a formative phase of the development of our youth in the face of such a scuffle that left many injured and many a few ending up in jail.But in fact,if it continues,may augur a formative phase of a violent society unfortunately.The worthy commentator tries to project herself over_ positive or Ultra optimistic for no good and for no reason that holds no water.Here I would like to apeal to the quater concerned to take stringent action against these hooligans and exemplary punishment be awarded to them so that no one dares repeat it again: Parents should also keep a vigilent eye upon their teens to make sure that they may not go astray.

  7. Basharat says

    both the groups are criminals.the have breech the laws.But tabbing a human with a wild mood is far more than wild nature,Strict action should be taken and both should be strictly made accountable.

  8. shehla hakim says

    I venture to call it a positive and constructive change in my youth folk who have now grown bold enough to undertake such a bold initiative and proving their mettle that they have ‘courage’ to do something. I do not feel shy to say that this is the formative phase of the development of our youth. The potential of our youngsters will be harnessed and will be streamlined for better and useful purposes and they will accomplishments.
    I express my sympathy with the injured and applaud for their bravery for challenging others. They should know that Girte hein shahswar hee maidan mein.
    I request their parents to forgive the youngsters of Mastuj who are equally their own children.
    I take both the groups as my brothers and bold brothers and take pride in them.

  9. Jigra says

    Bhot acha kam hy,,, mera b group hy, jigra gang,,, koyi rok k dikayeee

  10. Altaf Ahmad says

    A very serious issue indeed. Bichhoo group, magarmach group etc are synonymous with loss of faith in social norms and venting out their anger in negative form. Karach i has experienced same and suffered tremendously. Chitral is a small place, specially upper Chitral and this must be addressed by the local Moulvis, the Ismailia board, the elders and civilised youngsters together on a urgent basis. All such groups must be banned and punished severely.

  11. Kamal A Jamil says

    This shows the debacle of family system which is too much unfortunate. It needs proper and timely attention from family and community elders.

  12. Hussain Shah says

    very serious issue and needs to be tackled on time otherwise Chitral will also become a den of extortionists, mobile snatchers and other criminals. in karachi active gangs had initially started in a similar way. parents, police and community leaders should work together to monitor the children on a daily basis. strict action should be taken against those who have stabbed the boys.

    1. Rahmat Wali Khan says

      The police action against the youngsters is ex- party decision in the interest of justice the police is required to arrest the both groups

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