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Consequences of a war between Pakistan & India

It is not something secret that who is behind waging war and wants to play the dirty game (war) between Pakistan and India as majority of the people in both the countries are definitely against it. Both the countries are facing huge economic challenges and significant number of their residents are compelled to live in starvation. They know that war will further aggravate their economic conditions and will add fuel to the fire. The consequence of a war is really obvious, particularly in the era of technological advancement and with highly equipped nuclear explosive  weapons. The operation of war is now on finger movement. With the a single  click on computer system , there would be huge destruction in both the countries. It  would not be an exaggeration, if we take the example of the fight in Heroshima, that caused huge destruction  to both of the fighting countries and also affected  the entire world and the economy of both the countries are still in the reverse gear. As the magnitude of war and its destruction now, could be multiple because of the advancement of technology and unbridled nuclear proliferation. Now it is time for  the international community to play their role for the elimination of nuclear weapons and bring harmony in the world, otherwise, there would be unrest  in the  entire world . As Pakistan is not  alone, there are many countries who will join hands with Pakistan which could result  in global explosion of war. Now it is time to trace out who is behind this bloody agenda. As  Modi being so called democratic leader of India waving its muscle without realizing its consequences and dancing on the tune of somebody else which reflect that India is not an independent democratic state which could represent the voice of majority, rather it is acting as sub agent dependent  state which is not sincere with its residents interest and well being. The economic condition of the residents  in Pakistan is far better than people in India, as per the UN statistics, the living standard of people  in India are getting worst annually due to population explosion. Actually India is extremely jealous country in the region with being a specific rival of Pakistan , as the jealousy arise out of ignorance and distress. They still failed to realize that your sister state is economically stable then you will at least  get  indirect  benefits out of it and vice versa. We need to research on the development targets  achieved by the  developed countries  and need to follow them to be economically and socially stable. As we know that the main factor in their  development  is directly linked with the development  of their neighbor countries. The developed countries are in the cut thought competition of economic developments , where as ,we are in competition of weapons productions. There is adverse relationship in the competition , which we are facing now, which is one of the main hurdle for our economic development. As  we all acknowledge that economy is the backbone of any country development. Being in the modern era, we must need to revisit on this bullshit competition. India could not assimilate our recent move toward economic developments. That is WHY   showing interest in waging  war , with  the objective of  detaching other countries in partnering with the economic development initiatives carried out by Pakistan .  The glimpse of  majors economic development initiatives are as follows which have created unrest in Indian- so- called ignorant leaders; · Russian  forces arrive in Pak to hold joint military drills snubbing India. · Indonesia offers Pakistan defence equipment. · Iran wants to be a part of CPEC and link Chabahar port with it built on Indian money. · China says it supports Islamabad’s stance on Kashmir. · OIC says it supports Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. · Turkey sending fact finding mission to Kashmir on Pakistan demand. · Nepal wants to boosts bilateral relations with Pakistan The people of India should realize that their government is not personifying their well being and interest. In the recent UN convention, the international community have also put pressure on India for coming on the peace talk table and avoid to create unrest in the region. As the Indian forces are playing with the precious lives of the innocent people in Kashmir.]]>

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