Nazims flown to Broghil in AKF chopper to attend festival

CHITRAL: Local government members, including nazims, visited far-off Broghil valley on a helicopter of Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) to attend an annual festival there, it has been learnt. 

Speaking on the occasion, the district nazim, Haji Maghfirat Shah, said their visit to the Broghil valley was made possible by the AKF. He also announced Rs300,000 for the organizers of the festival 2016 and Rs500,000 for the arrangement of the event in 2017.

He promised to work on all proposals put forward to him by the elected representatives of the area. He said the Broghil festival would also be included in all the calendar events of the district.

A participant of the festival told ChitralToday on phone from Yarkhun Lasht that the helicopter of the AKF was being misused to entertain political figures and senior bureaucrats in the area.

He said last month the chopper made several sorties carrying a number of MNAs from Chitral to Kalash valley, Mastuj and and Yarkhun during their visit to Chitral on the invitation of MNA Iftikhar Uddin.

Meanwhile, on the concluding day of the Broghil festival, the team of Chikar beat Chilimabad in the horse polo while in the yak polo Chikar A beat Chikar B. In donkey polo Lashkar Gaz beat Garam Chashma while Chitral Scouts remained victories in the cricket final match by beating the team of Lashkar Gaz.

The Chitral Scouts also won the football match by beating Chilmarabad. A large number of people had reached the area to witness the festival where local artists also performed.

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  1. Those who are making a lot of hue and cry regarding the so called Heligate scandle,they are nothing more than sectarian bigots who cannot digest as to how a Jamati Nazim be air lifted by AKF Heli.Now they are trying to paint it with different colours trying to justify that the said Heli is not meant for this and that…..I feel no difference between TTP affiliates and these so called modernised begots as technically speaking both are chip of the same block when it comes to biasdness, sense of hatred,intollerance and lack of feelings of co-existence etc.Furthermore, both are residing at the two extremes of the divide.My only question to them is… it only external appearance like particular donning with paint_short, pointed shoes, black sun glasses having a laptop bag hanging from the shoulder or a positive thinking in the right direction that makes the difference.These people need a mental transformation although they have been able to change their external appearence as depicted above.

  2. People who have the guts to speak the truth are born leaders (Quote by anwar) and ANWAR is one if he has guts to introduce himself.
    Common man tell us about you. You are our leader.

  3. And also we should thanks to the donors of akdn that their donation are used in the right way..

  4. I think we should thankful to akdn ky unki wajah se nazim sahib wahan gaye aur borogol jaise pasmanda jagay k hamaray bhaeeon Ko hosla afzai hoi aur unko kuch faida Hua.
    thank you aga khan sahib we will never forget ur superior services that u always play for the people of chitral may u live long.u r a true human being.

  5. Ameeri: Trust in yourself man, because people who have the guts to speak the truth are born leaders. They don’t need any certification from anyone.
    You know why these people leave no stone unturned in praising the district nazim or an NGO baboo? Woh taluq ustwar kerna chahte hein, matlub nikalna he un ko through these kind activities.
    They want to be in the good books of these people for their own vested interest – after all un ko apna matlub to nikalna he na, tareef nehi karenge to dukan kaise chale ga.
    This is the reason Chitral lags behind as elected representatives are obliged by these mafias in order to protect their jobs. The NGOs have millions of dollars for the uplift of the area but to plunder the donors money, they always tactfully oblige and bribe those at the helms such as mnas, mpas istrict nazim and also religious partiies.
    The district nazim should have declined CEO AKF offer for a heli ride to Broghil but an experienced NGO wala knew how to trap a molvi nazim. And he succeeded in his plans.
    My request to youngsters is that don’t follow in the footstep of flatters. Snatch your rights. Take these mafias to task – does not matter if you have to go to prison for a day or two.
    Why ordinary Sunnis and Ismailis hate each other and are always up in arms against each other? The reason is: some opportunist mafias within both Sunni and Ismaili communities are tactfully exploiting them.
    The smart guys who know the art how to exploit an ordinary Sunni and misguide him by saying that anything which AKRSP is doing is haram. But when thry get the opportunity, they did not hesitate for a single second to get the benefit. Using the white land cruisers for personal purpose is one such practice not to talk of a heli ride.
    A similar group within the Ismaili community blackmails the poor Ismailis in the name of Imam. The handful mafia exploits the Ismailis saying “Oh don’t say anything to Imamat institutions, as Imam does not like that…’.
    My humble request to both ordinary Sunnis and Ismailis is: identify these opportunist mafias and deal them with an iron hand. And the day these opportunist mafias are exposed, Chitral will turn into haven.

  6. yes mr anwar u r a single man.ur nt a leader and u dnt hv the right to speak or to pointout any thing as said above by sm of the friendz.bhaii yahan pe jis ka chalta ha wohii boly ga bki aam bndon ka kya they even dnt hv d right to ask questions..agr pucho gy to sehna paly ga persnal attacks by the so called hawriis..

  7. Shauq se kero tareef Mafirat Shah ki but I will call a spade a spade. Do sing for AKF CEO but I will never endorse what he has been doing. The helicopter ride was political rishwat which the AKRSP offered to the nazims to oblige them.
    Shoaib Sultan did nothing for which we can credit him except setting up an NGO for himself. There was shortage of educated people at that time and he got the opportunity to run the organization. With the passage of time things started improving and today you can see people who used to work as dispensers in government hospitals are holding top positions.
    Again I would like to tell the people that they should identify the handful opportunist mafias who will not hesitate in justifying the bad things done by these NGOs, like we see here some people making such attempts. The donors’ money is not to please the clerics, it is for the development of the area. The people have every right to question these NGO baoos, or else Chitralis will keep praising people of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    The reason why people in GB took full advantage of these NGOs because they know how to treat with these NGO baboos. Luckily or unluckily in Chitral, the NGO baboos are treated as if they the kings. They should be made accountable as it is the NGO mafia which is responsible for the backwardness of the area. They misuse the donors’ money; nepotism and favouritism rules the roost.

    1. He was dispenser in the govt hosptital but later with his hard work and dedication hes became the CEO of one of the biggest NGO of Pakistan.. and those who made him CEO would have been more educated than u.. if u have this much hatred for him, than u should also do same hard work and reach the same position and do whatever u think is better for the people of Chitral, till than u should just keep quite and should not utter bad words for someone. . Just learning few words of english and questioning someone’s credibility would not suffice..

      1. Achcha, sahi hai. I know how educated your Khawaja bosses are. “Tees marakhan’ like your Khawaja bosses whom we call ‘pakhti pass’ are also available in Chitral. And you are one such example. Your Khawaja bosses pick up only obedient guys who could not challenge their authority for such posts.
        If I were the chairperson or president Regional Council Pakistan or president regional council I would have sent this AKF CEO home straight within no time. His services would have been terminated within seconds of the reports about the misuse of the heli.
        But the silence from the Khowaja bosses of the AKF CEO shows they are hands in gloves with him. Otherwise the management must have taken him to task by now. I would like to make it clear to AKDN to spring into action as its officials in Pakistan are bent upon making a top organization like AKDN controversial. The official helicopter has been made a ‘TAXI”, available for MNAs, and clerics and this shows AKDN Pakistan management believes in obliging the political elite and bureaucracy to protect their own vested interests.

  8. A storm in a tea cup and nothing more.some jawan are too much fuerious and predjudiced. Facilitation of district and provincial government representatives and administrative machinery in such occasions is quite possitive step of the CEO of the AKF. It should be noted that the heli was on duty with the Chairman, RSPN, Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan, Chairman, BOD of AKRSP Mr.Ali Rattansey and two lady directors. They were to visit the first biggest MHP power Project,at Pawoor, Yarkhun, executed by the Community organizations of Centre Yarkhun.These guests of high profiles held 2 hrs and 30 minuts long meeting with the local community members( report can be visited in the pages of this news paper. The District Nazim and Tehsil Nazim were given lift from Chitral to Lasht Yarkhun. Participation of the District Nazim and Tehsil Nazim in the public event is appreciated. The use of the AKF helicopter has been in the best interest of the people of this remote and backward valley. It should not be debated any more.

    1. I was in broghil to attend the festival and before my two eyes the nazimeen reached there in the akf heli, they did not land in lasht they landed in broghil. later they left in the same heli directly to Chitral so there is no excuse they were given a lift.

  9. My request to Mr. Anwar would be to reveal his identity and the cause of his hatred for so many people. There must be an underpinning reason which has caused him to open his cannons on everyone. Logically speaking, there should be a reason for all this, otherwise in all sanity how can you still defend your stance which so many people think, is wrong?
    You have every right to disagree but with logic. Time and again you have accused the CEO AKF of misusing his powers and authority. My question to you is, are you sitting in Aiglemont and have seen the JD of the CEO that you know about his powers and authority? or this is just a stunt to gain publicity? Have you ever studied the work of Shoaib Sultan Khan-the pioneer of AKRSP that how he used to work? Isn’t this what he used to do: joining hands with govt. and other stakeholders in order to make things work in the right direction? In what capacity you speak of the people of the area? Are you a community leader of a large group of people? Are you a representative of a Cluster organisation? or are you a leader, what are you? If you are an ordinary citizen like me; please stop distorting facts. The way you speak of the leaders of a certain community group is strongly condemned because this is exactly why extreme views are shaped and they say the same things for you. If you are a man who thinks he is justified in his claims, please come up with solid proofs next time when you write instead of personal attacks on people.
    Gentleman from Lahore

    1. you both are wrong and extremists. Anwar is extremist and so you mr saif seem to be extremist. it seems you have some personal interest in akf otherwise why would you be defending the akf ceo? can you give one solid reason.

  10. It is not my headache Whether you mind it or not; whether you read it or not; whether someone takes action or not, but my job is to point out if something is going wrong, which I did in this particular case. Who told you that the CEO is the authority who can do whatever he likes with an official helicopter? He is an employee of AKDN and is answerable to the people because AKDN is not anyone’s personal property. He is doing all this as no one dares to speak against him for their own vested interest. If the story had not been publish by this online newspaper, he would not been exposed.
    In which capacity he’s obliging the MNAs and the molvis?
    Let me warn the top management of AKF that if no action is taken against him, it would have serious repercussions. There will be revolt, as masses are very angry except some flatterers who seldom show up here to please their masters. The people of the area want the CEO AKF to be grilled.
    The AKF CEO is doing all this intentionally as his whole family belongs to hardliner Jamiat Ulema e Islam. And the AKF must not be blackmailed by these clerics. If they don’t want the AKRSP to work in Chitral, just wind it up but the clerics must not be allowed to hijack the whole institution. Honestly speaking, muje ghin ata he when I see these molvis.

  11. Mr. Anwar is a kind of guy who creates fuss out of nothing. so don’t mind if he writes too harsh — you can see his language in his last comment. he has done it many times in the past. my point in this case is: there is a CEO of AKF who has been tasked, among many other things, to decide where to use the heli and where not? now, Anwar wants to be consulted before such decisions which is not practical though it is a good the way our Nazim is a big man, not a tiny one, lol.

  12. Govt organization and Non Govt organization should join hand to hand to address the issues that inhabitants have to confront and to uplift the quality of life, these are the events that could attract visitors to come in the area and to see the hurdles of life that people of the land have to encounter and these promote leisure industry in the region, otherwise out of sight out of mind. And the presence of high profile figures in such events at least encourage the community so in this context the facility that had been extended to political personalities by AKF is appreciated.

  13. Listen Chitrali! I am neither unemployed nor impressed of your NGO bosses. I am doing wonderful compared to what an NGO baboo or a tiny nazim is doing. My contribution to the area is much better than your bosses. If corruption, faltering, misuse of funds, authority, helicopter, official vehicle, are the things which give you satisfaction, I have no hesitation to say: tum sarasar khasare me ho.
    If you have no guts to condemn something bad, you need some proper training so that you can differentiate between right and wrong. A Chitrali gentleman from Lahore made my day when he claimed that nazim can summon the deputy commissioner. He also said that he is all in all in the district. let me tell you mr, this all in all concept is the reason a tiny cleric is exploiting you.
    A tiny district nazim is not all in all. He is answerable to the people. If a prime minister whose name does not exist in the Panama leaks, can be questioned, who is the nazim to befool the people the people, declaring himself as the chief executive of the district. These chief executives are my foot.
    Both Mafirat Shah and the CEO AKF should be made accountable. If mafirat Shah is so upright a man why he does not allow the Professional Development Centre (PDC) Chitral to built a library in Jhugur. He is enjoying the heli ride but he is depriving the youth by construction of a library at their door step. this reflects how visionary he is.

  14. It’s all about anwar must be one of unsuccessful candidate. Good luck to your approach to supreme court , people court and all court.but never think negatively. Take it easy. Concentrate the development of your own and your family. Criticism always wastage of time and qualifications,quality and quantity of personality.

  15. I don’t understand how people observing wrong perception and then generating a lengthy discussion without knowing the cause of any activity but just to release their frustration and nothing more. AKF or AKDN is there to support and supplement the government in development sector to serve underprivileged communities. If AKF Helicopter facilitate and accommodate the District Nazim and Naib-Nazim during the official visit of AKF Board Members to Power then what is wrong??? Everyone of my friends are well aware that travel to Broghil is not easy without any proper mean. AKF and AKRSP is there to support every stakeholder to visit, observe and then act to remove the social and human problems towards improving their quality of life and indeed this key objective of Aga Khan Development Network. We strongly recommend to facilitate the stakeholders whenever required in the largest interest of backward communities in remotest parts of the District. We are thankful to District Nazim and Naib-Nazim visit to such a remote area of Brughil, encourage them and hope to do some thing for them after observing the situation. We also appreciate AKF-CEO and Board Members to accommodate the District Executives for a good cause. I believe that without joining hand of government and AKDN Institutions holistic development of backward areas is not possible. Hope for strong and meaningful coordination among upliftment of the underprivileged areas like Brughil.

    1. Is it justified for a government employee to sit in the board of governors of these NGOs and the staying in five star hotels like Serena, Marriott, etc. using the helicopter. This is the main reason why these NGO walas oblige these sarkari baboos. Giving a heli ride to a sarkari baboo is like everything to him. As you know 99.9 percent sarkari baboos are merely happy with their grades. They can not even think of staying at a five star hotel, and travelling in a helicopter, so given all these complications, the NGOs in Chitral have gone out of control. The DC should seek the details of those working in the honorary set up of the NGOs. These things are not honorary at all, rather they enjoy more perks and privileges under the pretext of working as volunteers.

  16. ay ma sheren brar ginian, gareeb lachar, beyaru madadgar wekhek re tana doni amm shahri chitrari hytanty, hate garebananty AKDNo helecoptoro use kori Nazim saib ki hatera b hatetanty phuk kheer phuk khoshani tareuru birai pisa kya ishkama chametai, ay brarginina toba astaghfar korur gurur takabur mokorur, Allah tabarak wa tala kosty ki izat pari pisa d hatogo izato korik chichur , tan gerebana xong biti lolur pisa kanduri sahi, ka kya job ki komian kya korom ki komian hatogosum kanduri mukhlis , thy khuranty kya rarur, be positive, hud ruphi tanty d tention khuroty d tension, haya media d g t tention bais mo bor pisaty darkhawast…

    1. Khowaro lachetao ma kai 🙂 Qashqar zuban ta luwante thusheik, botan maxik, phonik no biti shomo bahna reir. So to me, this was a bit disappointing. You should have been more critical, as whatever happened to our dear friend late Salahuddin Salik was explained in detail by my friend Dr Khalil of Jhugru.

  17. Dear readers,
    As far as I understand, the objective of these discussions is/ supposedly should be; to highlight the issues as well share an opinion on how the practices can be made better if they are not. What I am seeing here is a hostile warfare like situation wherein the real issues are not being discussed. Some are threatening to take legal actions yet others are suggesting solutions (as per their understanding) which are neither possible nor applicable. My request to all writers would be to set aside their personal likes and dislikes about personalities and talk about the solution of the issue. Why can’t we understand a simple fact that institutions whether NGOs or govt departments; all work under certain rules and regulations. They have their own scope of work in which they are experts. Pakistan is a democratic state and political institutions by constitution should have an upper hand over the administrative wings. If practically that’s not happening, that’s the fault of the system as well as people because we have lost trust in the people who represent us resulting in asking for help from the administrative authorities. The DC doesn’t have the authority to summon the District Nazim whereas the District Nazim can summon the DC and the heads of any department to his office. Similarly, we can’t make any comparison between the CM and the DN. I am sure Mr. Khattak won’t hesitate to use the AKF heli if needed and IK can’t stop him.
    Of all these write ups a general observation can be made that these have been written either in anger or anguish; in reaction to other writers, or due to any personal bias against someone. I don’t know why some people think that a threatening tone would make things work better? We expect our honorable writers to share their views in an acceptable manner as it is not only them who is reading; there are hundreds of youth who have access to internet in Chitral. We have a responsibility to educate our youth responsibly, not the opposite. Thank you. Sincerely, Saif.

  18. Let us bury this haram halal business once for all when it comes to NGOs. Only merit and honesty should be the consideration. In the haram, halal, debate merit and honesty take the back seat.

  19. دشمانو چیت نا مہ برار سبحان، ہارمو چے حلالو محور حورو سم شیر کیا ؟؟ علامہ محمّد اقبال خو بچن ر اسور ” حرم رسوا ہوا شیخ حرم کی کم نگاہی سے “” ہیت ان سفتان کوری کورا تاریں نپ بوئی .. کیاغ کی بیتی شیر ہسس فلمو ای جھلک ، پورا وقیاطاً کار کی ارو کارو چموت دوس .. وا مکھیاں دی ہاش تن کیہ ہٹن سار منفقتا پھو پھوک دی کام نو .. تن کیا دمغو چمیسان …. بے زمیران سوم

  20. Did you ever imagine how fool we Chitralis are. When the chief executive of the country cracked a joke over our broken Urdu, every Chitrali right Lahore to Broghil started beating their chest in anger despite knowing the fact that speaking correct is still quite rare in Chitral. He pointed out a very right issue. But the same people are giving us justifications when a powerless nazim misused the AKDN Chopper. Isn’t this too much? Bashen dete rehe hamein Lahore, Canada, London, US aur pata nehi kahan kahan se beth ker. But they have no idea what these NGOs have been doing here for the last so many years. The poor is still poor and some vested intetest like Haji sahib is not ready to travel to Broghil via a landcruiser woth Rs3.5 million. He demands a helipcopter for himself and fellow cleric. Kya bath he ji me kya bolun, me kis se munsifi mangun…when these illitrate people will stand for their rights and take such people to task. Remember dear Chitralis, getting a masters degree in English literature, IR, Economics, Physics, Biology, etc. is not enough if you are unable to understand who you are.

  21. Look at this man Mafirat Shah and Athar Iqbsl know better than you? Jahalat ki intiha he yar! This called slavery. People with such a mindset will never understand their worth. They will die by praising others. So sad. But for your kind information, to me a shopkeeper will always remain a shopkeeper. A dispenser will always remain a dispenser. They could be big guns to you but I have no respect for such people who have no respect for the poor as the donors money is solely for the betterment of the downtroden, poor and the have nots. And keep this in mind that every dog has its day and the day is not far when things will change altogether but then it will be of no use crying over spilt milk. Yeh meri bath yad rakhna Chitral k logo jo b exploite kerne ki koshish karega in khairati idaron ko they are losers.

  22. شکر ہے کہ ایک چیز واضح ہوگئی، جب مفادات سامنے ہوں تو موقف کی کوئی اہمیت نہیں۔ پورے چترال کو معلوم ہے کہ یہی لوگ آج تک آغا خان ڈویلپمنٹ نیٹ ورک کے اداروں کے خلاف بولتے رہے، انہی کی وجہ سے صوبائی حکومت کے فنڈ سے چترال ٹاون کے لئے بجلی گھر نہیں بن سکا کیونکہ یہی لوگ خاصکر مغفرت شاہ اور عبدالشکور اب بجلی گھروں کے خلاف تھے، مگر آج جب ہیلی کاپٹر کی سواری کے مزے لینے کی باری اائی تو یہ لپک کر چڑھ گئے۔ یہ عجیب منطق ہے کہ اگر کسی گاون کے غریب لوگ اپنےلئے سڑک، پل یا سکول بنائیں تو حرام،نا جائز مگر ان اداروں کے فنڈ سے منعقد ہونے والے سیمینار اور کانفرنسوں میں شرکت جائز؟؟ ادارے کے ہیلی کاپٹر میں سفر جائز۔ اگر کسی غریب کا بچہ ان اداروں میں ملازمت کرے تو حرام مگر ان لوگوں کے اپنے افراد وہاں پر ملازمتیں کریں تو بالکل جائز۔ یہ دونوں حضرات آغا خان فونڈیشن کے سربراہ کے ہمراہ گئے جن کے پورے خاندان کا تعلق جماعت علما اسلام سے ہے۔ واہ رے واہ۔۔۔ دو رنگی حالات

  23. I would like to draw the attention of the Deputy Commissioner Chitral towards his additional deputy commissioner. The lack of action on the part of the ADC shows as if there existed no ADC. Some government officials are working on the board of these NGOs, which is again a good startegy the NGO baboos so that no one can take action against them. There is a need to check who is enjoying perks and privileges under the garb of voluntary service. Just go for it DC sab and I am sure you can easily find them out. The involvement of the admin officials in such kind of things is the reason no one is ready to tighten the noose around these NGO baboos.
    I have never heard of the additional DC to pay a surprise visit to these NGO offices and any other thing which is the basic responsibility of the district administration. Free hand to NGOs and the district government is not acceptable. There should be made accountable. Who are you to misuse the helicopter if a chief minister is not authorized to use the chopper of the provincial government.

    1. Brother anwar u must know that District Nazim is a chief Exactive of the District he has a authority to use ani thing which is beneficial for the Puplic as AKDN moto is also to help out poor people in chitral ,the CEO of AKDN know batter then you & me about the situation

      1. Sajjad Sahib for ur kind information let me clear 1 thing to you, that the same chief executive stopped AKRSP to built mini hydel in Chitral town of PEDO. AKRSP was haram for you guys now the Same who callled it haram are enjoying AKRSP perks .

  24. PTI chairman Imran Khan has banned chief minister Pervez Khattak but it is very unfortunate to see that the provincial government is not doing anything to keep a check and balance on these NGO walas who are misusing the donors money. The district administration especially the deputy commissioner is also acting like a silent spectator. I would rather suggest the DC Chitral to summon these NGO walas to his office and grill them for their incompetence in properly utilizing the donors money. Yeh NGO wale to mader pider azad ho gaye hein, kon puche ga in se DC sahib? Can you pls send some of your energetic additional assistant commissioners who are are busy in facebooking only to raid the offices of these NGO baboos who are good for nothing. They have no idea what they are supposed to do? Is it justified for a tiny nazim to use a helicopter in a province stricken province where the chief minister was stopped to use the chopper. It is a very serious crime and the provincial government should take strict action. I would rather appeal the Chief Justice High Court to take suo moto notice of what the NGO baboo in connivance with the district nazim are into? This is an insult with the poor people of this backward area. The hydel power projects built by AKRSP have failed to achieve the desired goals; there is no power in the town; there is no facility in the hospitals; the affectees of last year flood and earthquake are living under the open sky, and the district nazim who calls himself as the elected representative of an religious political party is bust in enjoying donkey polo in helicopter. So sad, so unfortunate.

  25. I don’t see why are we making fuss out of this? Broghil is way too far that the District Nazim may not have visited it ever let alone inaugurating a festival and listening to the local people about their issues should there have been no support from AKF. Who are we to blame the CEO AKF Pakistan of misusing his authority or powers? What good is AKF helicopter for if it can’t be used to support the local representatives of the area where AKF is running its projects. I think this is exactly what is the job of a development organisation to help the local govt. to reach out to those areas where it can’t reach on its own if the goal is human or cultural development. I think the CEO knows his job very well otherwise he wouldn’t have sent the Heli. Can we come out of our myopic visions now and let those people do their work who know what they are doing? I am not a supporter of the district Nazim and his deputy but when something good happens; it should be appreciated.

  26. De la hash ko la Anwar sahab.. halankeh ta saf lu bilkul sahi .. khyrato paisan gani ghal lolaw beko hich kia justification no boi, na hes develpmento concepto na infrastructuro sum horo dodari de kia rishta dari niki .. han tan kamzorian nalyaqeyan sahara deko bachan AKF hy korman proshtar yee koraw asoor kia nogh lu no hass ..

  27. A huge sum of donors mobey is spent on pleasing so-called VVIPs. If a helicopter is needed to whatever the so-called Chitrali has tried to explain here shows he himself has no idea what the organization is meant for. The donors money is not to airlift a tiny nazim to Broghil. Try to concentrate in areas where it is needed. I would like to tell the top management of AKDN that a wrot petition is ready which will soon be submitted to human rights commission section of Supreme Court of Pakistan to question these NGO walas top of which is AKRSP. The AKF high ups have crossed all limits of making fun of the poor by getting donations under the name of Chitral’s backwardnesd. But the people at the helmmof affairs at this backward area are washing their hands with mineral waters; reluctant to travel in jeeps; want helicpoter to witness “Gordogh garh” at Broghil. And then we claim that AKRSP is doing wonderful, Jamat e Islami belives in simplicity and what not. Shame.

  28. I doubt if any donor pays for the use of AKF helicopters. It is paid for by His Highness through his own and Jamat funds. The decision on how the helicopter is used is given to the Aga Khan Foundation. Its good to see JI and JUI use the helicopter. It conclusively proves that either they have become very enlightened or they now acknowledge that their many years of propoganda was outcome of selfish motives and had nothing to do with idelogical reasons.

    1. If the chopper is operated through jammat funds, the JI leaders stand nowhere to use it. it was the JI chitral and its leaders including maghfirat shah who blocked the construction of professional development centre in Chitral. they become enlightened only when there is an interest.

  29. My brother Anwar Khan you need to study about infrastructure development,conceptual development,philosiphy of development and approach to development theories.than talk and criticize with a solid reason.And also try to study the budget policy paper and funding request policy. Good luck

    1. Why to confuse a pure misuse of a heli with technicalities. what these two nazims did after after having a free ride to Broghil was to throw the ball to start the yak and donkey polo matches. They also announced three lac rs for the organizers.
      it is total flattery and misuse of a heli. where stand your infrastructure development,conceptual development,philosiphy of development and approach to development theories???

  30. I am sure there is no one within AKF Pakistan who can question the AKF CEO about misuse of the helicopter at the cost of donors money, which is given to this backward area to mitigate poverty.
    We, the people of this backward valley demand the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to take strict action against the CEO AKF. We want to know in which capacity he is doing all this ayashi on the money meant for alleviation of poverty in the area.

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