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  1. Qasim Ahmad says

    Projects announced by PM for Chitral are unprecedented and it will really bring big change in road infrastructures of Chitral which in dilapidated condition. Especially if you visit to Garamchashma or Booni road you will feel you at worts type of road infrastructure. Our leaderships totally ignored these roads which were needs of the day. Credit is also given to PM for his seriousness and sincerity in completion of Lawari Tunnel which is a matter of dead and life for the people of Chitral. Since partition we have not experienced such type of revolutionary projects announced only for Chitral which PM Nawaz Sharif did and it is really appreciable. Other projects like University and Hospital are also dire needs of the day which were realized by PM Nawaz Sharif and it is really appreciated. Unfortunately we people are still involved in inferiority complex and lame excuses instead of being grateful to PM for his interest in the matter of Chitral without any big political stake.

  2. Abdul says

    After reading through many article & social media discussion on resent PM visit 2 chitral, i found many Chitrali feeling unhappy w8 PM NS . Ths s also fact our broken khowar mix urdu s very famous across Pakistan. Even i have seen many educated chitralis living fr decade in karachi, Islamabd & Lahore r not good in urdu. During conversation the de-coder pick u up the En-coder is chitrali.
    ths seem v r lacking good sense of humor. instead of making fun of PM could u speak good eglish ? we blam him of making fun. this not good thing.

  3. Sohail Ahmad says

    Excellent analysis of PM visit to Chitral, we the people of the Chitral except a few face book tigers are grateful to PM for his interest in development of Chitral. Really these developmental projects will bring revolution in economic and social sector of Chitral especially Chitral University and Hospital are urgent needs of the day.

  4. Noor says

    Mr.Nasir PM insulted chitralis all the peoples of chitral anger to PM not only pti being a chitrali u need to protest that nonsense speech how u protect that prime minister he dnt know the highest litracy rate through out pakistan in dare he is saying u know this is 2016 and next year 2017 its a big slape in the face of all chitrali 1997 whe he was prime minister he visited chitral and he has said in his speech i give 0ne million grand to chitral u know how many thousands become one lakh every time this man insulted chitalis.chitral not a punjab there childrens caring buffolows instead going to school..its totally nonsence speech we condemn and he need to apologise to chitrali peoples.

  5. The Invisible says

    Urdu goya brar Tate?

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