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Hiring through NTS & govt's ad hoc policy

first batch numbers of candidates have been appointed in far-flung areas and on the basis of school based appointment and they are almost completing their 03 years in the said schools which are regarded as hardest stations of Chitral. For the last three years since first batch of NTS appointment is made, no step is taken by the government to make policy for NTS appointees and to regularize those appointees which are paying duties in hardest stations. While in second batch of NTS appointment number of schools based posts advertised which were in comparatively soft stations and appointment on those posts were also made. If the present school based appointment and non-transferrable policy is continued then those candidates who were appointed in hardest stations of Chitral due to bad-luck have to survive there for indefinite period, and on the other hand those candidates who were appointed against the soft-stations they have also to serve there on life long process due to good luck (Luck matters). But this policy is completely against service rules in which government servant has tenure of service in hard station which is 02 years. Present policy of Education Department KP also violate service rule and it is also logically incomprehensible and based on injustice that is a teacher has to serve in the school of first appointment on permanent basis. Education Department should first regularize old appointees and then transfer them in soft satiations who are completed their tenure in the hardest areas, and new appointment should be made in the hardest stations so that new comers start their service in the hard station in the initial period and this procedure was in practice in the area. Having been fed up with lack-luster policy of the government regularization/confirmation, first batch of NTS appointees also apply for posts which were recently advertised by the department in which vacancies are lying in comparatively soft-stations and in city areas and first batch appointees leaving their post of first appointment. If the government further delays regularization and confirmation of NTS appointees’ teachers, then all of them will become hopeless and apply for new posts in better stations and it will create chaos in the education system. Consequently, government’s good initiative of bringing quality in education and school department through NTS based appointment will become counterproductive. PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Chief Minister KP, Pervez Khatak, Minister of Education Mr. Muhammad Atif are requested to take notice of the situation and expedite regularization and confirmation of NTS appointees and comprehensive policy should be made regarding the ad hoc appointees reflecting their service matter and other issues which are regarded as right of any government servant. Otherwise this good initiative will also become controversial and it will result despondency among the officials and all the old appointees will apply for new posts and the purpose of this policy will face complete failure.   Nasir Mehmood Drosh (Chitral).]]>

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