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Police recover 54 litres of liquor from house

policeIn a press statement, the Booni police said a drive had been launched against the drug producers and sellers under the supervision of SDPO Mastuj, Attiqur Rehman. It said a team of the Booni police, headed by SHO Hazratuddin, conducted a raid on the house of Muhammad Akbar, son of Akbar Wali Khan, in Reshun Gol, and recovered 54 litres of home-made  liquor. The police said this was the biggest quantity of liquor ever recovered by the Booni police. After the recovery, a case was registered against the accused under different sections. The police said people of the area highly appreciated the action.]]>

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  1. Zakir says

    Reshun should be drug free area. Thank u booni police

  2. Hamid jalal says

    I appreciate mr,Attique DSP and his staff for such active action,need such officer for society,we are proud of you,

  3. Atta Khan Junoon says

    Great job booni police, it is worth here to mention that this liqour producer previously many times has had been arrested but there are some political figures they are backing him and supporting him, because of these political people again and again he dared to continue his business, Sure the KP police is independant today and ll not allow any political interference in this regard while performing their duties, and ll keep up right its professionalism..

  4. Salman Ali says

    We would like to hear from MPA Mastuj Syed Sardar Hussain as what he says about the crackdown?

  5. says

    Highly appreciable action by all the public of the locals. We are proud of such police officers and staff. I would like to thank from my core of heart and would like to request to take instant action against every type of Drugs either liquor or local charse should be condemned, criticized, snap checked, found,destroyed, and the producer, supplier, seller, or buyer should be punished. Once again THANKS BONI POLICE

  6. Kamran says

    Proud of you….

  7. Sharafat says

    Very good, inside Booni there are too much Local wine dealer police know them well but didnt raid them why I dont know?

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